The Real Deal About Local Realtors

I purchased my home in the area four years ago and used Peluso Realty, 850 Montauk Highway, Shirley, NY, (631) 399-2400. The agent who represented us was outstanding. We had called about a house listed in a different area and were not considering purchasing a home in this neighborhood. The agent told us about the many benefits of the area, such as the fact it is a growing community with a wealth of available resources educationally, environmentally and otherwise. He discussed, at length, what we wanted in a home and community and took detailed notes. We were not hopeful at this point because we had been to several realtors with no success. However, within two weeks, this agency had a list of available homes that met our specifications. By the end of the month, we had found our dream home and discovered a new, exciting neighborhood to move into. Peluso handled all details of the closing and were efficient, professional and accomodating. Thanks to Peluso Realty, we own a home we love in a community we enjoy. Additionally, for years Peluso offered Chamber of Commerce information about the area and they are deeply rooted in and committed to this neighborhood.

Another realtor in the area that recently assisted my friend in selling a home in Mastic Beach and locating a home in Moriches is Coldwell Banker M&D Realty, 1 Montauk Highway, Moriches, NY, (631) 878-6080. My friend’s home was sold within two weeks and the realtor found and closed on her dream home within a month. We were amazed by the personal attention to detail these realtors put into her sale and purchase. The entire process went very smoothly and my friend was extremely satisfied with the outcome. Coldwell Banker is a national network of realtors and M&D is a part of this group. Being a part of a national network can be advantageous when you are making a move, especially out of state, and Coldwell Banker is known as a relocation specialist.

Finally, another reputable realtor in this area is Help U Sell Dale Alstead Realty, 875 Montauk Highway, Shirley, NY, (631) 399-9000. An agent in this office showed us a couple of houses in the area when we were looking a few years ago and everyone in this office was helpful and upbeat. The houses they showed us were suitable, and although they did not find our dream house for us, I remembered their professional attitude and willingness to assist. Since that time, several neighbors have listed their homes through Help U Sell and successfully sold their properties. Help U Sell offers a discounted commission rate that may be appealing to those looking to sell their homes and maximize their profits.

Purchasing or selling a home are very serious decisions and the right realtor can make the process much easier and the results more satisfying. A good realtor can assist you in making a choice that will bring you joy for many years to come.

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