The Sea Whip: A Lot of Colors and a Lot of Supplements

The Sea Whip is a type of soft coral which is the closest that you will find to a hard coral. It comes in just about every color that you can imagine. This coral is not as easy to take care of as your average soft coral would be. You will need a good lighting system to take care of the Sea Whip. You can purchase a good lighting system from any local pet store. You will want a light which is at least 130,000 watts between the two bulbs. If you have a good lighting system and you add the correct supplements to the water you shouldn’t have a probably keeping the Sea Whip healthy.

With this coral you will need to purchase iodine, trace elements and a few other supplements. You will spend about $6 per bottle on each supplement that you purchase. The Sea Whip does not look like your average coral, it actually looks more like a large ribbon. This coral does not stay small, so you will need to purchase at least a 55 or 75 gallon tank to keep the Sea Whip alive. You will also need to have a canister filter in your aquarium because this coral needs a high amount of water movement. You can purchase a wavemaker and place it on the power head of your filter to produce more water movement, if necessary.

With this coral you will need to keep the temperature at between 72 and 76 degrees. You will also need to keep the salinity at around 1.023 to 1.026. You will also need to make sure that you place a heater in your tank that will keep the temperature at least 72 degrees. You will want to avoid placing the fish tank next to a window or somewhere else that will get drafty.

The Sea Whip is also a very peaceful type of coral that you will not have to worry about placing in a tank with other types of coral. This coral will not harm your other coral. You will need to be careful when placing the Sea Whip in your tank close to anemones because they will sting your coral. You will want to space out the coral good enough so that it doesn’t touch. You will want to place the Sea Whip close to your filter system so that it can get the water movement that it needs to keep it free from algae and other debris.

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