The Secret to Cleaning Bathrooms

No one likes to clean the bathroom but it has to be done. Scrubbing the tub is a pain in the back, literally. Getting the floor clean behind the toilet can be a scary feat especially if you have younger boys still learning (and the grown men who still seem to have aim issues). If you are one who likes to have a clean bathroom but hates spending a lot of time on it there is a secret to cleaning your bathroom that has you in mind. As a power cleaner I had to get through these tasks in some of the most disgusting bathrooms and still provide quality work.

Everyone uses cleaners to help them do the job and to sanitize. What most don’t remember to do is to give the products a chance to do what they are made to do which is to make your job easier. Let them do the hard scrubbing work and save the elbow grease for something else.

Starting with the bathtub, since it’s the biggest project to complete, grab a can of Scrubbing Bubbles and Soft Scrub with Bleach. Give your tub a spray down with your Bubbles. Allow the Bubbles to do their scrubbing magic. Use this time to go a head and pre-treat the toilet bowl with your bowl cleaner and wipe the bathroom mirror down with some Windex.

After removing everything from the bathroom counter top and anything you may have on the tank of the toilet, spray it all down with the Scrubbing Bubbles. Make sure to also spray down the floor behind the toilet. Let the Bubbles sit while you go back to the tub.

Run the water in the tub and grab a rag. Simply wipe the Bubbles off and rinse. Tough spots that won’t come out, use your Soft Scrub. Apply a small amount to your wet rag and work it into the spot. Rub the tough spot until it comes clean. It usually only takes a few seconds. Your tub is now clean and your back didn’t even notice.

Go back to your sink and counter top and wipe everything down that you pre-sprayed with the Scrubbing Bubbles like you did with the tub. Every thing that generally ends up on a bathroom counter and in the sink will come off with out needing the Soft Scrub. If you come across something that doesn’t, you know what to do now.

Always do the toilet last. Use your rag or a new one if you’ve burnt the old one out. Start at the top of the tank and work your way down to the base. Wipe everything down since it all should have been sprayed with the Bubbles. Depending on how often you clean the bottom of the the toilet bowl, you may need a couple rags for this. While you are down there run your rag over the floor behind it and on the sides. This way you won’t have to fight getting the mop back there in tight spaces. Next clean the bowl with your brush and flush.

Mop your way out of the bathroom and you are done. Once you get the routine down, you’ll be a pro at doing a 10 minute bathroom.

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