The Skin and Hair Care Secrets of the Modelling World

Step one: The Shower. Whether you are a shower person or more the bathing type, it is important to to bathe everyday. This is not only is for hygiene purposes, but also to get the dead skin cells off your body that accumulate while you sleep. We all shed these skin cells while we sleep. If you could see an old pillow under a microscope, you would be appalled and amazed at what you would see. If you plan to use bubble bath, soap or shower gel while bathing, make certain it is a moisturizing or allergenic free if you have sensitive skin.

Its also a good idea to use a foot scrub for your feet while in the bath or shower. This will get rid of any dead skin cells and rough calluses.

Use a good shampoo or conditioner that suits your hairs needs. If you have dry or damaged hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, etc.. I recommend using a hot oil treatment at least once a week and a deep conditioner that you can leave on while you are bathing, then rinse out. This will help keep your hair in better condition if it is dry or damaged in any way.

Always plan to use a lotion of some sort right after the shower or bath while the skin is still in that absorbent stage. This is to hold and keep moister in. Do not ever blow dry hair right away. If you must, put a towel over your hair while bending forward a bit, then twist and flip it back over you back, like a turban. This will help your hair to dry while you are now ready to pamper your face.

Part Two: Cleaning Your Face. The cleanings not over just yet. It takes more effort to really get the dirt out of them pores.You will want to have several things ready for your face, such as facial mask, astringent and moisturizer for your particular type of skin. First, put the facial mask on.

Now here is a secret: Always use your ring finger of the hand you seldom use-if you are right handed, use your left ring finger. This is because it uses the least muscles, so that you will not cause premature wrinkles. Also use this finger when applying make-up with your fingers.

Make sure you also put the facial mask on your neck just under the chin area where a lot of dirt could hide. Next, let it dry while you do something else. [You could use this time to scrub under your nails good with a nail brush, push your cuticles back and clip any hangnails. If you have time, go ahead and file your nails]. Now, rinse off the mask. Always use warm water (as warm as you can stand it) to open them pores and get that dirt rinsed out really good. When you feel you have gotten it all off (look in the mirror if it helps-just don’t get it in your eyes), then turn on the cool water and rinse again to close them pores.

The astringent is next. Just pat it gently off over your face and neck. It may tingle a bit. This just means its working and should give your face a healthy glow. Next, its time for the moisturizer. Gently put a dab on your (ring finger), and rub in an upward motion-never down as you are trying to keep your face from ever sagging prematurely. Do this on your neck too.

Now make sure you brush your teeth really well and get your gums as well. If you have sensitive teeth, use a toothbrush that won’t scrape your gums and make them bleed. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your teeth clean. Not only for oral hygiene, but also because Periodontal disease can get into your bloodstream and travel to the heart. It just makes good since to brush your teeth at least twice per day.

Its time to take that towel off your head. Bend forward and shake your head from side to side and back and forth to shake off the excess water. Do it gently if you are not use to it. (Do not try this if you have had a neck or head injury)! You could also just pat your head dry and use a scrunching motion. Never be rough with your hair with the towel. I am strictly against thin combs. I have seen them used for years by our elders and I feel that’s a sure way to lose your hair faster as you age. If you must, at least try a big comb. I recommend just scrunching and using your fingers to style it in place until it is dry or you are ready to blow dry your hair. Which should take place when it is two thirds dry with still some moister, so that you don’t burn or damage it.

Do not put the blow dryer too close to your head. Flip your head forward again and blow dry your hair from the back forward. Try to scrunch it into your hands if you want a more wavy, sassy or wilder look. Now hold your head up and blow dry it back and into the shape you want. Use a round brush of you want to keep the wave look or if you like the feathered look, use your fingers.

Finally, make certain you clip those toenails, this too can be done right after the shower. File and if you like, paint them. I always use clear or french manicure because it looks more natural, but its your nails, live it up. Some guys are just wild for red!

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