The Sound of Silence

Not long ago, I wrote a letter to the main mouthpieces of the Bush aministration asking them a series of questions. The gist of the letter was I was curious to know what these people had or were willing to sacrifice for the War in Iraq that they were all sure was a good idea. Would they pay higher taxes? Would they enlist? How much were they willing to personally give up to see that the war was successful?

I didn’t get any responses. Maybe they were too busy filling out their enlistment paperwork to read my letter.

Then again, maybe the philosophers of the past were right. Maybe their silence is golden….or yellow.

So I guess I will expand my question to anyone who supports Bush and his War.

I do want to clarify that I am not addressing those individuals who support the war and have family members participating or who have participated themselves. Your money is sufficiently where your mouth is.

I am addressing those individuals whose only tangible show of real support seems to be the two or three feet of gas mileage you lose per year because of the drag that is created by the aerodynamics and weight of your “I Support our Troops” bumper magnet.

What are you willing to give up for this war?

The Army has raised the voluntary enlistment age to 40, so to all you guys who shout your “damn straights” at the morning and afternoon radio programs as the Great American Hero of the Airwaves derides liberal cowardice and praises the unquestionable wisdom of the Great Leader’s Iraq War, here’s your chance. Here’s your chance to show we mere mortals how it ought to be done.

Or maybe you’re too busy with “other priorities” (Dick Cheney), bad knees (Dennis Hastert) or pilodinal cysts on your ass(Rush Limbaugh) to enlist.

Fair enough.

How many letters to Congress have you written begging for tax hikes to pay for the war so your children won’t get stuck with the bill?

What is your support costing you other than the indigestion you get when people like me ask questions like this to people like you?

My email address is

I await your response.

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