The Spot that Ate My Shirt

I got a spot on my shirt.
It wouldn’t come off.
It was purple, green and red.
I soaked it in detergent
Just before I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning,
Much to my surprise,
The spot that was on my shirt,
Was now double its size.

I tried stain sticks and stain sprays,
But nothing would clean the spot.
From being a minor nuisance,
It was now a tremendous dot.

The spot filled up half my shirt.
The color looked rather grotesque.
All I can say is now my shirt
Looked like a royal mess.

I decided to put it in the laundry.
I really had nothing to lose.
But when it came out of the washer,
The spot dripped on my shoes.

It left a coating of purplish red.
Now my shoes looked awful as well.
I decided that this ugly spot
Was a spot that came from HELL.

I threw out my spotted shirt.
I pitched the shoes in the trash.
And when I took the garbage for pick up,
I knew that I was free from the spot at last.

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