The Stillman Diet – Lose 28 Pounds in 30 Days?!

Known as an advocate for anorexia and shamelessly accusing the overweight of being lazy and gluttonous, Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman was a pioneer of the low carbohydrate diet. As a diet revolutionary of the 1960’s, Dr. Stillman published, ” The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet”; the first account of a published low carb, low fat diet. No longer in print, this book is considered not only a collector’s item but a bible of sorts for the low carb diet frenzy of today. Better known today as the Stillman Diet, Dr. Stillman’s low carb, low fat diet has been known to be modified into what is now the basis for the Atkin’s Diet and The Zone diet. To understand the origin and success of the diet, physicians in nutrition and weight loss areanas have been examining metabolism and the application of protein as far back as the 1960’s when his first book was published.

In his writings, Dr. Stillman urges anyone who is overweight to consume less food. However, he goes one step further by suggesting the elimination of all carbohydrates. Unlike the Atkins Diet, the Stillman Diet prohibits the use of all sauces, fats and oils. However, similar to the Atkins Diet, the Stillman Diet recommends a rigid consumption, in unlimited quantities of lean meat, fish, poultry, low fat cheese and eggs. Because of the significant increase in protein consumption, the Stillman Diet can produce hardship upon the kidneys. For this reason, Dr. Stillman recommends no less than 80 ounces of water per day in addition to drinking tea, coffee and non caloric drinks.

Testimonials under the Stillman Diet rarely, if ever, indicate the diet is not successful. In fact, most individuals who pursue this low carb, low fat diet find weight is shed rather quickly. In fact, some have reported as much as 28 pounds in one month! While this is definitely possible, once normal eating habits are resumed, in all likelihood, the weight will return with the possibility of additional weight gain. For this reason, the Stillman Diet recommends a supplemental program for eating once you have reached your target weight. Or, in today’s dieting society, it is recommended the dieter move into a more comprehensive and supportive diet program such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

While the Stillman Diet is considered monotonous with the stringency and limitations on food, the results are well worth the associated boredom. While shedding the weight on the Stillman Diet, it is recommended the dieter begin researching a secondary diet program to which you will move once the initial sudden weight loss occurs. By doing so, you can work to ensure regained health while continuing to safely lose weight. While many websites offer the Stillman Diet in short version summaries, it is recommendd that a purchase of the older printed book be considered as it is a plethera of information and interesting to read the scientific concept and basis for the low carb, low fat diets of the 1960’s.

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