The Strength of Construction and the Prefabricated Take Over

The art of construction is fading to the history books. The day of a true carpenter, plumber and electrician is taking a backseat to prefabricated construction. The world is wondering why all the new construction is blowing down with every passing storm. Think about it, the construction industry is using more and more prefabricated materials in every building that is being built. I personally will never use prefabricated materials on any construction project I am building.

Take a look at history! Look at the buildings that our ancestors built, they are still standing. Centuries of storms have blown through the United States and buildings that where built by hand evry nail, cut, board and all the other materials where installed by hand and hand made. That was true construction I am currently in New Orleans. I see more old construction standing than I do prefabricated buildings.

The true master carpenter can build you a house to last centuries. The prefabrication industry will build you a cheap imitation of a house with false hopes and dreams. You may ask how I know this? I am a 20 plus year master carpenter that has had the privilege of working with my hands and building houses that where still standing after the storm. Drive around the area that you live in look at the roofs of houses that are framed with conventional lumber and houses that are built with prefabricated trusses.

The prefabricated industry is suppling a product in just about every field of construction. You can get your entire house built in a factory and shipped to your property. Prewired and with most of the plumbing installed. The fact of the matter is that prefabrication is based on production. A big assembly line for construction. The problem is they give bonuses for production not quality. The true carpenter that builds and cuts each piece of lumber for your house is giving you a higher quality product.

The fact of the matter is that a house built from scratch, by hand and in the field, will result with stronger, better and a higher grade of product. The house that is built in the field will have more nails, glue,screws and quality. The plumbing will be fit to job site conditions, the electrical will be done to conform to the house and location. The thing that a home buyer should ask themselves? Is which house do I want my children sleeping in? When the storm hits do i want my family in something that was rushed through a plant or professionally built by quality hands? The ultimate decision is yours and yours alone to make, the decision for a master carpenter is simple never use prefabricated structures.

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