The Taste of Blood: A Ghost Story

While traveling across the country with my companion, W, in our van, named the Astral Elephant, we decided to pull over one night and find a place to sleep. Not being fond of sleeping in the crowded van, we tended to just put down sleeping bags, or a tent, and we enjoyed our lifestyle immensely. I was making my living doing healing work, spiritual teaching and transmissions, and the occasional deposession. I had encountered a few real live ghost stories along the way. W had become my aid in this business, and developed a sensitivity to subtle energies in the process.

We looked off to the side of the dark road as we drove along, and finally we found the perfect place to stop for the night. There was an easy place to pull off, a bit of dirty, worn down gravel providing a good parking spot. There was a flat area of concrete which was overgrown a bit, but not as overgrown as the surrounding areas that would have been our bed otherwise. We were tired, and ready to rest right away. We didn’t think about why there was a flat, hard spot there. No one lived around there, and so we knew we wouldn’t be bothering anyone.

We went to sleep, and suddenly W woke up with a scream. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt as if he were almost someone else. And that person was not happy. W could hardly talk, because he kept feeling as if his mouth were filling up with blood. He could taste it very strongly, but there was nothing there. The feeling persisted, so it wasn’t just from an unremembered dream. He was panicking.

We realized why there was concrete there. It was the foundation of a house long ago demolished. We were sleeping in a ghost’s bed.

I walked away a little ways and sat down beside the railroad track, where I could get the larger picture when looking at the etheric planes around the house. World was sitting there in lotus position, looking forlorn. I wanted to help free him from the ghost, but also to help the ghost itself. So, I meditated, and got a strong feeling and image of the previous owner of the house, and his violent death that he had not leg go of in all this time, which was making him stay around on the earthly plane. I talked with the ghost for a good while, letting him know his death was already over and he was free to leave, coaxing him toward the light, helping him distinguish between himself and W. I have found that self-confidence, determination, will and a history of past successes to draw strength from is very helpful. But we don’t want to be too aggressive and push our ideas onto someone, even if he happens to be dead. We have to listen, be sensitive, gain some understanding of the matter.

Eventually, after maybe 45 minutes or so, I could see the area’s energetics lighten, see W’s field clear, and feel a kind of thank you from the ghost as he ascended. At that moment, W stood up and shouted that the taste of blood was gone from his mouth. He bounced around a little, happy to be just himself again. The rest of our night’s sleep was just fine, and we moved on the next day to our next adventures.

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