The Technology of the Plasma Television, a Thing of Beauty

A plasma flatscreen television has become an object of desire for many people in this day and age. Though the original version was invented in 1964, it has taken nearly four decades for advances in technology and lowering costs to finally make the dream of owning one achievable for society today. With television viewing such a major part of our lives today, advancing technology in the field is to be expected, and for many, continued advances are eagerly anticipated. A streamlined, sleeker version of the formerly boxy and bulky home television set, many envision a plasma flatscreen television sitting in their living room as a thing of beauty.

The wider, thinner screen of a plasma flatscreen television allows for a broadened, sharper picture, thus enhancing the entire viewing experience. The range of colors a plasma flatscreen television can interpret and display is greatly advanced, providing it with an extended spectrum of intense colors, a clear improvement over some other television models currently available.

Plasmas actually create a picture via thousands of different compartments, each containing a mixture of neon and xenon gases (both completely safe and non-harmful), which are ‘charged’ to create a specific color. Many owners however, choose not to focus on the technology of how it comes about, but rather on the detailed beauty and intensity of the final result, the picture created on the screen.

The plasma flatscreen television is also helping to satisfy a portion of the growing demand for home theater systems, as opposed to simple home television sets. New technology makes the plasma flatscreen television easily compatible with most other components needed for a complete home theater experience. Their thin design makes them easy to hang or centrally place on a custom stand. This same design feature, along with the advanced picture technology gives a great viewing experience from virtually any angle, which means no more fighting on who gets to sit where for their favorite show. The quality of images created by a plasma flatscreen television gives a true movie-within-your-living-room experience that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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