The Top 10 Lessons I Learned from Watching the Real Housewives Franchise

Several years ago, I was sitting around with some friends of mine at work chatting about what we watched on television the night before. One of my girlfriends talked about watching the Real Housewives on Bravo. From what she told me, I knew I had to watch it. From the very beginning, I was hooked. On the outside, they look like nothing but a bunch of narcissistic and materialistic women who do nothing but fight. But what I discovered is that if you really pay close attention, there are so many life lessons to be learned from observing their behavior. That’s why I compiled my list of the top 10 life lessons I learned from watching the Real Housewives shows. After reading this, you will find that there’s much more to them than meets the eye.
  1. I learned who my true friends really are, and I can usually count them on less than one hand.
  2. I learned that life is meant to be savored, even if it’s water in a wine glass.
  3. I learned how to stand up for myself when I’m being done wrong.
  4. I learned how to hold my head up high when times are tough.
  5. I learned to walk away from something or someone that’s not good for me, and not have any regrets about doing it.
  6. I learned to not be so afraid to take a chance on a new career or relationship.
  7. I learned the art of resilience. Having mental toughness is the key to bouncing back from many of life’s blows.
  8. I learned that I should never play small in this world, and that I have a voice that needs to be heard.
  9. I learned that people need to be given a second chance, but never a third.
  10. I learned that having fun is not only important, it is essential.

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