The Top 5 Celebrity Mug Shots of All Time

As a reference for this piece I used

Is there anything better than a good celebrity mug shot? A beer and a blowjob, you say? Oh, well, maybe. But aren’t celebrity mug shots the 2nd best thing ever? Yes, that’s what I thought too.

On the heels of Paris Hilton’s arrest, I couldn’t help wondering if the world will ever see her mug shot. And then I got to thinking something elseâÂ?¦what exactly are the best, the classic I should say, celebrity mug shots. I’m talking T-shirt worthy mug shots. I eliminated two recent, instant classics because they haven’t been around long enough. Nick Nolte and Glen Campbell each had their shining moments in the mug shot spotlight, and as far as straight-up funny looks go (not too mention Nolte’s hair), these might be the best. But, for the sake of consistency, I found I site that, though it’s in its infancy, I used as a reference for my list. So, without any further adieu, I present The Top 5 Celebrity Mug Shots of All TimeâÂ?¦

5. Keanu Reeves

Is this the guy who works at the Blockbuster downtown, or superstar American actors of such films like ‘The Matrix’? It’s hard to tell. There is an almost scary look in Keanu’s eyes in this picture. Like he’s steaming inside with a “you got me this time but I will return to fire bomb this place” feeling. Or maybe he’s just thinking, “This is all Bill’s fault. Just wait until I get my hands on that piece of shit. The weed was his!”

4. Al Pacino

Plenty of Guido dudes immortalized this with T-shirts that they sheepishly bought at Hot Topic. What’s even better is the story behind this picture. The 21-year old Pacino, a New York resident at the time, was arrested in Rhode Island for carrying a concealed weapon. Oh yeah, he was also driving around with a bunch of guys dressed in black with ski masks at the time. Hmmm.

3. Pee Wee Herman/Paul Reubens

I always thought Pee-Wee Herman got a bad rap. I mean think about it. Somebody like Pacino gets caught with guns and a bunch of thugs, for all we know on his way to kill somebody, and that only HELPS his career. Poor Paul Reubens gets caught beating off in a XXX Theatre and his days as an actor are essentially over. What the hell else are you supposed to do in a XXX Theatre? I thought it was kind of an unwritten rule that masturbating went on there. They didn’t have to end ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’ because of it.

2. Larry King

This one easily wins the “Is That Really Him?” Celebrity Mug Shot Award. King was booked on larceny charges that somehow stemmed from the Kennedy Assassination or something, I don’t know, I don’t really understand. He was arrested in 1971 and he looks about 47 in the picture (wait, he probably was at least 47). His hair isn’t grey but he’s still got the glasses. All you have to do is substitute suspenders with sideburns and you’ve got 1971’s incarcerated version of Larry King. Not following me? Then go check it out for yourself (

1. Hugh Grant

An all time classic. Why? Because Hugh Grant epitomizes the “I just got caught with a prostitute sucking me off” face. And that’s a great face. Here’s a tidbit: Divine Brown, the lady of the night who was arrested alongside Grant, actually made a porno where she played herself. Ron Jeremy produced this classic which was titled, “Sunset and Divine: The British Experience”. And I swear I don’t have a copy of this on VHS.

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