The Top Attractions in Bryson City North Carolina

When visiting Bryson City, you may think there isn’t anything to do. The town is beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous, but where are all the attractions. The attractions in Bryson City aren’t all in one spot. In fact they are spread out over a 5-10 mile radius. But once you find these attractions in Bryson City, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to hunt them out. All of these outdoor attractions, in

Bryson City, are very exciting and offer amazing views of the area. Whether you’re touring the mountainous areas of Bryson City by train, jet boat, or raft you’ll see different views each time.

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats
22 Needmore Road
Bryson City, NC
828-488-0522 or 888-900-9091

Smoky Mountain Jet Boats is one of the best attractions in Bryson City.Smoky Mountain Jet Boats offer a wonderful view of the
Bryson City mountains and Lake Fontana. You may choose to do only the jet boat ride, but I highly suggest doing the jet boat ride and hike. You will start your hike at the office and will see many gorgeous flowers and plant life along the way. The trail guides at Smoky Mountain Jet Boats are very knowledgeable and will be able to tell you all about the plants you see along the way. Once you arrive at Lake Fontana, you will be served lunch and have time to swim in the lake. After lunch is done, you will experience the ride of your life. The jet boat ride is one attraction in Bryson City you should not miss. These boats go extremely fast and it’s just a thrill you’ll have to experience for yourself. The jet boat ride costs $25 for adults, $20 for seniors and $12.50 for children. The jet boat/hike costs $65 for adults, $58.50 for seniors and $50 for children. You can also buy a season pass for $200, which includes 10 jet boat rides and can be used by your friends and family.

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
Everett Street
Bryson City, NC

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad is the attraction people come to Bryson Cityfor.The GSMR has been featured in several movies including The Fugitive, Forces of Nature, and My Fellow Americans. It was also visited by the great Alton Brown, the star of Good Eats. The views you’ll see from on the GSMR trains is why this is such a great attraction. There are several packages available if you are coming to the area just to visit the GSMR. Several packages offer train excursions in combination with a room at many of the local hotels. There are also packages that offer the train excursion and rafting. They are always adding something new. If you have children they will love the Polar Express ride that takes place around Christmas or the Day Out with Thomas ride. This attraction offers something for everyone and every budget. Prices range from $38 to $82 per adult for the regular train rides. Packages are considerably more, but well worth it.

Nantahala Outdoor Center
13077 Hwy 19 W
Bryson City, NC
828-488-6900 or 800-232-7238

Nantahala OutdoorCenter is an attraction in Bryson City that offers a variety of activities. Whether you like hiking, rafting, fly fishing, biking, or rock climbing they have it all. They have rafting courses for beginners all the way up to the very advanced, so no one will feel bored or left out. There are also places to eat and lodging at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The Mountain Adventure Packages offer lodging, dining, and the activities available at the center. You won’t be disappointed with this attraction. I think it’s one of Bryson City’s hidden treasures. Unless people are specifically looking for a place to go white water rafting, they don’t usually discover NOC because it’s outside of the main town. If coming to Bryson City you really must check out NOC.These are three great attractions that I think all visitors to Bryson Citymust see. All offer low cost options so that you can try these attractions without having to pay big bucks. So why not give these attractions a try and enjoy everything that
Bryson City has to offer?

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