The Top Children’s Clothing Specialty Boutiques in the Greater Boston, MA Area

Shopping for good quality children’s clothing does not have to be a chore! If you know where to go, the children’s portion of your shopping agenda can allow for a really exciting time. As you venture into the world of designer kid-only brands, you will discover that not only can your son or daughter be the trendiest, well dressed kid in the class, but also the wisest. For unlike the lots of women’s clothing stores out there who advertise great name brands with chic styles, only to leave us with tearing seams upon the second wear or broken elastic and MIA buttons after a simple light wash, the makers of designer children’s clothes for some odd reason put a lot more care into the quality of their design. Perhaps it is because the children’s clothing niche is one that is fairly untapped, for the most part, and since kids grow out of their clothes rather quickly, a smaller market than that of your traditional women’s style of clothing. However, being that it caters to a smaller market I would presume to say that it is more likely then that those who get involved with manufacturing, designing and selling children’s clothes would probably have to be more conscientious about their customers’ satisfaction. Because women’s personal shopping routines usually consists of the lady buying a bunch of clothes at a mall shopping spree, and then after detagging and throwing each item in her closet, sometimes even forgets which pants or top she got where. But there are so few specialty children’s clothes shops that a mother (or father) really has no excuse to forget where she got what defraying dress or pantsuit. Therefore the designers and store owners are best suited to live up to their desired name and make stuff that lasts. And while these children’s shops are challenged to stand up to their promise of quality and originality, they stand out when they do. In other words, people go back. Repeat customers. No matter how pricey, if a mom finds awesome in looks and durability children’s clothing, she will be a dedicated shopper at that specific boutique, no doubt. And a connoisseur, as well, of other like shops. There are a few specific specialty shops in the Boston area that live up to this equally one of a kind in quality and design standard. They are all sort of tucked into nooks and crannies of various Boston area shopping areas but if you know where to look, you will feel like you’ve discovered a rare jewel. That your friends back in your small town will be envious of. And now, I will tell you where to look so that your child or children will be the coolest in the whole neighborhood.

Fish Kids aka Shoe Fish
1378a Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

**Take the Green Line C-Train Outbound to Coolidge Corner Stop. Walk with the tracks the same way the train you got off is going down Beacon Street and you will see Fish Kids on the right. Great window display you can’t miss.

Fish Kids is a children’s specialty boutique located in the Coolidge Corner shopping area off of Beacon Street. It is equally as decorative inside as it is from the outside window display. I can personally attest to this irresistible attractiveness, as I really do not care for kids all that much and don’t have much reason to shop for them, but even I am occasionally drawn into the Fish Kids shop as I stroll by, to simply check out the cute latest merchandise and enable myself to be an informed expert when I go home to call my friend to go shop for her son and daughter there on her own time. This store is full of bright colored designer children’s brands that are truly truly unique, not to mention extremely high quality. People who shop here once, are almost certain to be regulars, as these clothes are advertised as being not only beautiful but also long lasting and the brands stay true to this claim. With decoratively fun designer shoes and clothing of all types and styles by designers as Prada, Oilily, Kangaroos and Diesel, your kids can dress as cool as you do now. The Shoe Fish area is essentially a little attached store to the main Fish Kids boutique that specializes in European shoes. They carry sizes as small as 18 and as large as 40, so even grown ups can occasionally find feet adornments at the same store as their children. Very exciting.

Bella’s Closet
81 Union Street
Newton,MA 02459

**Take the Green Line D-Train to Newton Center. When you get off of the train to your right and walk up the stairs to the Starbucks Coffee Shop, cross the street immediately and Bella’s Closet will be in front of you.

Bella’s Closet is a hard to find children’s boutique because half of it is for grown up women and it seems as if this is how the store is primarily advertised. But the left half of this quaint store on the edge of the Newton Center shopping area near Boston, MA is dedicated solely to your little ones and dedicated, with great pride, at that. This store is not only full of delightful little gifts for your baby or infant, but it is also quite enjoyable and comfortable to shop. The staff members give off a very friendly vibe that makes one feel comfortable doing such natural shopping moves such as “pet the clothing” as people do, you know, to just get a feel for it, literally. Or pick up little kid toys and pull the string that emits sounds of various farm animals. Or shake little cubed fabric covered blocks that contain loud beads or something that is sure to draw attention when shaken. These are normal pieces in checking out merchandise before spending tons of money on stuff and unless you outright spill your giant Starbucks coffee on a precious little pink polka dot dress or something like that, the employees here encourage you. They have fun behind the counter too, and enjoy wrapping whatever you buy in a really nice little gift box or bag fit with ribbons and bows that match, all for free. They are a little less expensive than the children’s clothes at Fish Kids and Shoe Kids, but the merchandise is equally as enticing. The only slight issue is that there is limited clothing available for the warmer months; most of the brand designs cater to the snowy friendly weather. But a good distinction this store has from the former is that they put things on sale frequently. And while this store has a much more limited selection in children’s clothing and toys, with your women’s section for you on the other side, you can have a little personal indulgence session all at the same time as necessity shopping for the kids. The women’s side has really cute feminine things like unique nightgowns, soaps, perfumes, jewelry and one of a kind hand designed handbags and scarves. You are sure to have a blast in this store. And on an end note, the women’s side is extremely superb in terms of value for price paid. You will not regret, nor forget your purchase as it will last you forever, most surely. Enjoy!

18 Arlington St
Boston, MA 02116

**Take any Green Line Train to the Arlington T-Stop. The BonPoint Store is right near the Ritz Carlton and around the corner from Newbury Street on Arlington St, across from the Public Garden. If you end up at Boylston Street after emerging from Train Station, put your back to the Garden, face the flow of one way Boylston St traffic and walk directly to your right, passing in front of the old church and headed into oncoming one way Arlington St. traffic.

In 1988, this France born children’s specialty clothes shop designed by Marie France and Bernard Cohen made its entrance into the United States with a store grand opening in Manhattan, New York City. Now, with stores all over the world, BonPoint continues to feature styles of children’s clothing that fit with the modern trends but still maintain the historical elegance that goes along with the brand name. BonPoint, describes themselves as “Luxurious and Understated, traditional and modern, artistic and fashionable with excellent quality and creativity, elegance and humor, the French Fashion House for Children is surprising and different.” They couldn’t have said it better. Located at the very beginning of Boston’s popular high end shopping district, Newbury Street, BonPoint jumps out to the passerby and begs you to enter. The window arrangements are constantly changing to fit seasons and moments in history, as appropriate and for those who have to walk by the store everyday, watching to see what they will come up with next can be a refreshing break from an otherwise monotonous routine to-work or to-school (or to-home, if you are rich) stroll. The store has basically every type of clothing imaginable, from dresses, to pants, to overalls, to booties for the real young ones, to shoes. The store is sure to feature full getups that match each other precisely so that your son or daughter can show up to their next important occasion fully adorned in BonPoint wear. This line of clothing is so nice that even though it is designed for every day use, few mothers or fathers are going to likely want to pay so much for the fine items and have them easily susceptible to common stains. I definitely would not recommend a parent buy these clothes for their children unless they are planning to store them in the closet for a future formal event. And by formal I mean a religious ceremony, a wedding or possibly some kind of recital in which the child in question is the star. These clothes are quality but are very likely hand wash only which tells you that even if they really are as long lasting as the brand claims them to be, it doesn’t mean they aren’t high maintenance after each use. Money in this store should be spent with care, but browsing should be a mandatory part of your trip to the Boston area, for you might never see another store like it.

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