The Top Places to Get Great Photos of Your Kids in the Denver Area

The Mile High City is truly a beautiful city. As such, there are many wonderful places to visit. Of course, memories will be made in the way of photographs. So the following are some of the best places to get great pictures of your children. Civic Center Park is in the heart of Downtown Denver. One side of the park has the golden topped Capital Building while the other side is flanked by the City and County Building. Both are beautiful choices for backdrops. During the holiday season, the City and County Building is adorned with spectacular holiday lights. Historic monuments and various statues fill the park as well. Adding a little learning with memory making never hurt anyone. Please check the following website for more information about this wonderful park: Rocky Mountain National Park is a gorgeous place for scenic photos with your family. Occasionally an animal like deer or elk will venture into your frame. Lakes and rivers are beautiful shots as well. But the best time of year for great photos is during the fall. The Aspen trees’ leaves change during September to the most extraordinary orange color palate around. Photos of children will become precious memories in seconds. Not to mention the memory of lying in a pile of multi-colored leaves that will really leave an impression. Check out this website for more details.

If you are interested in more exotic nature photos, take the kids to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO ( There are creepy crawly bugs of various sizes as well as some unique water creatures like horseshoe crabs and starfish. Those creatures are definitely not common critters around the land-locked city of Denver. Catch the expressions on your children’s faces as they touch these unusual animals. If none of that tickles your fancy, you can meander into the huge tropical butterfly room. On great days a butterfly might land on your child for a one-of-a-kind photo op. A visit to the Butterfly Pavilion will truly be memorable. Next on our tour of the Denver Area we will stop at Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant ( Located on Denver’s famous Colfax Avenue, this eye popping place has an atmosphere of Mexican culture and scenery. You will be serenaded by a real Mariachi band while you dine. Also, watch famous cliff divers while you enjoy Casa Bonita’s world famous soapillas. After partaking in this grand Mexican feast, you can wander through the restaurant to see the wonders of Black Bart’s cave or watch a puppet show. The village center contains a gift shop, access to a great arcade and a caricature artist. The best photos are the ones of the kids by the diver pool back dropped by the indoor waterfall. Casa Bonita is a must see!

A personal favorite place to catch stunning lazy summer afternoon photos is Belleview Park. This park is located in Englewood, CO. It is a wonderful place. Look up more information at this website linked below. This park truly has something for everyone with a gentle creek, playground equipment, tennis courts, a petting zoo and a miniature train which can be ridden around the park, for a price of course. The creek is home to many crawfish which is a huge draw for children. There are plenty of chances to get great snapshots of crawfish hunting. If there haven’t been enough parks yet, there still is one more that is truly amazing. O’Fallen Park in Evergreen, CO is a breathtaking place to get away from the city without going to far. It is a simple mountain park with a slow moving stream which is shallow enough to walk in without getting too wet. Children will love to play in the water and attempt to skip rocks on the water. Also, there is plenty of wildlife to entice with a bit of sandwich. This park is a great place to capture wonderful photos. These remarkable places are here in Denver Colorado and fill the pages of many photo albums with some of the best pictures of families around. Should you get the chance to visit any or all of these places don’t forget the camera and plenty of film or you just might miss your next great family photo!!

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