The Top Specialty Stores in New York City’s Soho District

The Soho neighborhood of New York City is home to some of the most fashionable shops, and residents, in the world. The area which stretches below Houston street is a must-see area for anyone who visits New York City. Besides the chance to spot neighborhood celebrities, Soho offers a plethora of shopping choices. Although the area is known for upscale designer clothes, and has a sprinkling of storefronts owned by big names like Prada and Chanel, some of the best shopping in the Soho neighborhood of New York City is to be found in quirky specialty stores. From a natural history outlet to a chef’s paradise to a Japanese-focused artisan toy store, many of the most unique shops in New York City make their homes in Soho. Here are a few of the best.

Kid Robot
126 Prince Street

When you step out of the pedestrian crunch of a Soho sidewalk and into Kid Robot’s sleek, ultra-modern interior, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported into the future. This small but noteworthy specialty store in Soho offers a variety of limited edition collectible figurines, keychains, and other art toys with a distinctively hip vibe. Kids and adults from all over New York City make the trip to Soho just to visit this temple to the artistic side of the hip-hop and techno aesthetics. This specialty store focuses on vinyl figures created in small batches by artists across the world, with a concentration on Japan, where the vinyl figure trend is at its peak. Whether you’re a part of this unique subculture or a stranger to it, the tasteful selection of goods at Kid Robot is sure to put a smile on your face. Because many of the items at Kid Robot are quite rare, the prices for many items are very high, even by New York City standards. However, the store makes a point of always stocking at least a handful of things under $10, which makes it a great spot for souvenirs. Kid Robot is also home to an ever-expanding t-shirt line with a playful mod look, and the shirts are very popular with hipsters and teens in Soho and all over New York City.

120 Spring Street

Few visitors to New York City discover this incredible natural history store in Soho, but those who make the trip will be richly rewarded. Evolution is a specialty store that focuses on artifacts from nature, and the selection ranges from fossils to gemstones to shells to real, and replica, animal skeletons. There is a range from high-end items like authentic Victorian-era botanical sketches that sell for several hundred dollars down to affordable trinkets like freshwater pearls ($29 per strand, or $2 per pearl.) Evolution is the kind of place that you can only find in a bustling metropolis like New York City where there is a little bit of everything. After all, not every town can support a specialty store that sells real woolly mammoth hair ($22 for several strands in a test tube). Evolution in Soho is a truly one of a kind shopping experience, and is well worth a visit when you’re in New York City.

Broadway Panhandler
477 Broome Street
New York, NY

New York City is a well known foodie capital, and Soho makes its entry into the gourmet fray with Broadway Panhandler. This specialty store is filled to the brim with cooking gadgets and supplies beloved by professional chefs and sophisticated hobbyists alike. From garlic presses to imported pots and pans, this Soho spot is a cook’s dream come beautifully to life. The impressive selection of knives draws devotees from near and far. Broadway Panhandler is a specialty store that truly offers the New York City cook everything necessary to prepare professional-caliber meals in style.

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