The Top Ten Goo Goo Dolls Songs

When I was 14 years old I was introduced to the Goo Goo Dolls. My first Goo Goo Dolls song I ever heard was We Are The Normal. I became a huge fan that day and have been ever since. The guys have continued to keep producing chart topping songs and hit records. If you haven’t checked them out I highly suggest you give their music a try. These are my top 10 favorite songs of all times by the Goo Goo Dolls in no particular order.

1. We Are The Normal- This is the first song I had ever heard from the Goo Goo Dolls. I enjoy the part of the chorus “We live and we die with no reason why”. This song just plays on the early 1990’s grunge.depressing, why am I here, thought process that was popular in music at that time. However the song is upbeat and has a great tempo.

2. Name- The great thing about this song and most of the songs in general by the Goo Goo Dolls, is you can interpret the meaning anyway you like. I am sure there is a meaning that is supposed to go with the song but I like to believe this song is about a couple of teenagers who run away from a abusive homes. Only to later find themselves meeting back up when she is at the point of jumping and ending it all. My favorite lyric in this song is ” We grew up way to fast, and now there’s nothing to believe”. This song was played constantly on the radio in 1994.

3.Broadway- A nice tune with a strange video to accompany it. This song can be read in several different ways. I always got the impression that it was about a self absorbed alcoholic. The lyrics “See the young man sittin’ in the old man’s bar, waitn for his turn to die brought me to this conclusion. I never really cared for the video as it confused me.

4 It’s Over- This is a great song about a guy realizing that he is nothing without his love and she is done. His pride kept him from telling her his true feelings and now he is going crazy as she isn’t there. He is at the point of begging her to come back but he knows it isn’t going to happen. My favorite lyric in this song is “Noone can believe in things that never change”.

5 Long Way Down- I really like the lyrics in this song. I kind of envision it about a girl who left a guy and comes crawling back. At first he doesn’t want much to do with her and then he finally gives in. I have great memories of this song from the first time I heard it. After all there are just some songs that the memory of what you were doing when you first heard the song stays in your mind and brings a smile to your face.

6.Sympathy- I feel the song is about a guy coming to the realization that he was wrong in a lot of situations and is trying to make amends to someone who just feels sorry for the way he has become. I kind of think that it has a lot to do with his ego becoming inflated. This is a overall great song.

7. Here Is Gone- I like to think of this song being about a girl who continues to play mind games with a guy, until he finally comes to his senses and says enough is enough. This song has a rather interesting beat to it. The wide vocal range of Johnny Relink shines in this song. This song also received a lot of play on the radio.

8. Think About Me- At a Goo Goo Dolls concert at the Illinois State Fair, a few years ago. Johnny Relink mentioned this song was about being in a 3 year relationship for 2 years too long. This is your typical song about a guy just knowing that the girl he was with is miserable without him. However she only shows it when she is thinking of him. My favorite lyric in this song is “All you want is something I can’t be”.

9. Black Balloon- Yet another song that I just can’t figure out the true meaning. I like to believe it is about a much pursued girl who gives in to a guy and then leaves him. This song reminds me of the book Great Expectations. I feel the guy is going through the same experiences as Pip does.

10.Slide- I love this song, the lyrics are fun. I really never tried to analyze this song. I just kind of went with having fun with the song. The lyrics also make great catch phrases.

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