The Top Ten Things That Husbands Want for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start making shopping lists. Men can be hard to shop for. How is a woman to know what a man wants? Wives and girlfriends alike want to get their men gifts that are sure to please. I’ve made up a list of the top ten things that men want for Christmas. Take notes…these items are sure to please even the hardest to please of men.

1. The first thing that appeals to a man is tools. Men love tools as much as children love toys. Your local auto store will carry all of the tools your man dreams of having. From wrenches to screwdrivers they have it stocked. For power tools, which are always a big hit, shop at your local department store. Don’t get the cheapest, they’ll likely break. Cheap tools are not pleasing to any man. Men don’t expect the finest available though, either. They’ll be sure to love whatever is priced in the middle. You’re mechanical husband will likely need some new sockets or air tools. It never hurts to ask him what tools he doesn’t have. He will be sure to be the happiest man on earth to find them under the tree this Christmas!

2. The second thing that men love is their vehicles. The wash and wax them, they talk to them and sometimes even call them by name. Gee. I am surprised they don’t kiss their trucks goodnight. Men love decals and other items pertaining to detailing and decorating their cars and trucks. From cool racing stripes to window tint and dashboard accessories your man will love you forever when he finds all things automotive wrapped up especially for him this year.

3. The third thing that men really love is movies. What is it about men and the television set? Guys just can’t seem to stay away. Get your man some new action movies that he hasn’t seen before. Wrap them up all nice and stuff them in his stocking or place them neatly under the tree. You’ll see his eyes light right up and likely hear “Honey, do you want to watch this now?”

4. The fourth thing that guys love is music. Whether is be country or rock and roll, heavy metal or what have you, guys love music. Get your guy the latest CD of his favorite artist, or a CD containing many songs from various artists of the genre he loves most. He’ll be sure to be happy as can be, and a good CD is a gift well appreciated.

5. The fifth things that guys really want are hunting supplies. In general, guys are hunters. A new bow, shot gun, muzzleloader, or rifle is sure to please any man. A new tree stand or even a coat and pant camouflage set will make him happier than happy. A subscription to North American Hunter is sure to be a gift well received too. There are many hunting items available from hats all the way down the list to ammo. All of them are treasured by men who hunt.

6. The sixth thing that men love is good magazines. Not only hunting magazines, but magazines pertaining to nature, technology, cooking, you name it. Men have many interests and enjoy reading about them. Select a few magazines that meet your mans interests and get him subscriptions to them. They are low cost and are also a gift that comes once a month, not just on Christmas day.

7. The seventh thing that men absolutely love is anything Car hart. From socks to coats and overall bibs your man is sure to be tickled pink when he opens his gifts and sees the name car hart. Many men work outside during the winter. Car hart is so well know and so well loved as a winter clothing manufacturer for their quality. These items will keep him warm.

8. The eighth thing that men really love to receive is hooded sweatshirts. Men just don’t like to be cold. No one does, so you can’t blame them there. However, like previously mentioned, men often work outside in the cold, and otherwise spend a lot of time in the elements. A good thick hooded sweatshirt becomes a mans best friend during the coldest of winter months. Make sure it’s a good quality one, and big enough. Your guy will truly appreciate this sort useful gift.

9. The ninth thing that guys really love to receive as gifts are electronics. A new cell phone, a new DVD or CD player, a car stereo, even a television for the bedroom would make him grin ear to ear. Anything electronic is sure to be a pleasing gift for any man.

10. The tenth thing that men just love to receive as a gift is fix it items. Items like zip ties, duct tape, electrical tape, household repair tool kits, etc. is pleasing to the male gender. Men are natural born fixers. They love to fix but often lack the supplies to fix with. Get him fix it items and watch him smiles as he fixes all those things around the house that have needed fixing forever. Thanks for reading and take care!

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