The Truth Behind Tom Cruise

This is one long editorial but you won’t be disappointed when you get to the end, I promise.

One year ago three things happened that -seriously- changed the world: Tom Cruise jumped on the couch at Oprah’s, in happiness, declaring his love for Katie. He made some comments about a well known actress for promoting dangerous mind altering psychotic drugs in her book. And he exposed publicly the covert multi-billion dollar fraud that psychiatrists and the pharmaceuticals have built in a controversial TV interview.

Ever since, the media and the blogs have been filled with lies, lies and more lies about Tom and his very words have been twisted once and again to convey things he never said. I want to illustrate how insane this whole thing has become:

Lie #1 – His romance with Katie had just been made up in order to promote his movie War of the Worlds. This one needs no comment at all. As if he, the biggest star in the world, needed that.

Lie #2 – Tom and Katie are splitting. This actually keeps being published once and again, so it has been a recurrent lie.

Lie #3 – Katie wasn’t really pregnant but she was faking it all.

Lie #4 – Katie was not going to be allowed to make any noise at all at the delivery. The true silent birth is about everybody around the mother keeping as quiet as possible, so that the birth can take place in a quiet, calm environment. It’s that simple. All the rest were just more invented lies.

Lie #5 – He was going to eat placenta. He made a joke that was really funny on a TV interview about eating placenta and the day after the media all over the world were reporting that he was seriously going to eat placenta when it was very clearly a joke he made on a TV interview. It’s very obvious here that somebody intendedly twisted what really happened and spread it around through one of those agencies that supply news to the media internationally. The intention is also very obvious. They wanted to make Tom look like a a fool. They wanted to create the perception that he is nuts. Who? Why? We will get to that later.

Lie #6 – Tom was awarded an “Ernie Award” in Australia for having done some sexist comments. It was later discovered that he had never made such comments. Somebody else invented them!!! But nobody apologized.

Lie #7 – After the birth Tom and Katie were hiding Suri not only from the public from their very friends. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Leah Remini, Penelope Cruz and others explained how they had met Suri.

Lie #8 – Suri didn’t exist. Have you seen the beautiful family pictures published in Vanity Fair?

Lie #9 – Katie’s family didn’t get along with Tom and they were having real trouble and upsets between the families. Vanity Fair editor Jane Sarkin spent 5 days last summer with the whole family at Tom’s house in Telluride and she says they were all getting along great. Katie’s parents and siblings were there. Tom’s mother, sister and children were there too. They were just a big family.

Lie #10 – Tom was just waiting to create enough media interest in order to be able to get more money than Brangelina for the pictures of his baby. Vanity Fair editor declares there was no money involved at all in the pictures. They paid zero for them.

I could go on and on writing lies that have been invented and spread around for a whole year now but is it really necessary? I think the point has been made – no actor has ever been subject to such a wild, wide, evil and long lasting black PR attack campaign that I can remember.

We are getting to the juicy part now. Why? Who is behind this all? Who could be interested in orchestrating such a long black PR operation in order to destroy Tom Cruise? And again, Why? In short, what is the truth behind it all?

I saw Tom jumping on the couch at Oprah and I loved it. The public who attended the show also loved it. It was hilarious. Entertainment at its best. Was that a crime? Did he hurt somebody so bad by doing it that they now wanted to get this far to destroy him? It doesn’t make sense. This is not it.

Was the actress he criticized for promoting dangerous anti-depressants in her book so upset and so evil that she was now moving earth and hell in order to destroy him? This doesn’t make sense either. This actress we all know since she was kid is not like that. This is definitely not the truth behind.

So what do we have left? The public exposure of the covert multi-billion dollar fraud that psychiatry and the pharmaceuticals have built together by the brave Tom Cruise in a TV interview.

He could just have sat back and enjoyed his fortune but he is concerned about one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of mankind and tried to do something about it in spite of risking it everything. Besides other documented abuses and violations of the Human Rights, psychs are drugging millions of American children at schools for made up reasons. Many of them are not even 5 y.o. And also outside schools they are drugging children who are just 1 y.o. This is huge!

After Tom’s exposure of the psych drug fraud last year the FDA ordered those anti-depressants to carry black labels warning citizens that they can cause suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, heart attacks and sudden death and that sales of such anti-depressants fell a 20% – it seems like the psychs & the pharmaceuticals have not forgiven Tom for having cut their income which is higher than $76 billions a year a 20%. That must have hurt. It’s a hell of a lot of money!

Just recently we all heard about the noisy split between Paramount (owned by Viacom) and Tom. Why was Cruise slammed by Viacom’s head when he had made 1 billion for them in the last year just with his last two movies War of the Worlds and MI3? Well, the amount of money made by the movie industry is peanuts compared to the amount of money made by the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, it happens that William Gray, who is part of Viacom’s board of directors, is also on the board of Pfizer (the largest pharmaceutical company by 2004 sales). And Ivan Seidenberg, who is also part of Viacom’s board of directors, is on the board of Wyeth (the 10th largest pharmaceutical company by 2004 sales). You are free to pull the string if you want to know the whole truth… you may be very surprised.

By the way, it seems that Viacom’s shares fell as much as a 10% after the whole thing…

Psychiatry and the pharmaceuticals sure have the resources to create such a huge media wave in an attempt to destroy Tom Cruise, who is putting their risky business in danger just by unveiling the truth. If they were not doing anything wrong why should they care about him and about what he said?

If you not to prejudge and you care to investigate a little bit around on your own you can find very interesting data and evidence in webs such as and others. I have also found very interesting books on the subject. Last but not least, there is an extremely interesting video around on the Internet they sure don’t want you to watch

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