The Unseen Force

Energy and the psychology of the pack are like the wind. Unseen but ever present. When role change is occuring or being maintained you can bet your life energy is also present. This is where the psychology of the pack is misunderstood or ignored. Energy can be projected psychologically. Often systems or methods are centered around what we want rather than what we must become. A dominant pack dog will come for a piece of food only because he or she wants it within the context of the dominant role. When you see a dominant dog creep in for a piece of food after taking off think about the context. As you reach out to grab ahold of your dog what is changing psychologically?

A dominant dog will challenge, escape and avoid certain energy. Over time they will accept less and less. A dominant dog will respond for energy, such as yelling, however still escape and avoid it at the same time. Dog owners will sometimes unknowingly create a world for their dominant dog to fit into. They will adopt certain methods or systems which reflect how they think about their dog.

When a system, method, or device fails to work who ends up getting the blame ? Perhaps we only need to look at a uprooted tree to see how an unseen force can be dismissed but not ignored.

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