The Ups and Downs of Laser Hair Removal

No one really wants to shave. Sometimes you don’t have time, or maybe you’re embarassed by a certain part of your body that you wish were hairless. At some point, every woman in America must dream at least once, about having smooth, soft skin where they usually shave, or pluck, or wax. Laser hair removal seems like the perfect solution. You pay and have the procedure done and you never have to worry about that unwanted hair ever again, right? Wrong. Laser hair removal is something that should be thoroughly researched and looked into. It is not for everyone and can also have downsides – like expense, for one.

As previously stated, laser hair removal is not for everyone. The most significant requirement is that a person’s hair must be darker than the skin surrounding it. Even people who just have a tan but have dark hair, should wait until their tans fade to begin treatment, as darker skin absorbs too much laser energy. Coarse, dark hair responds best to laser treatment. Also, many hair removal treatments are not guaranteed. It is impossible to predict the exact result a patient will achieve with laser hair removal, especially with regard to how many sessions a given individual will require. Many of the hair removal clinics which guaranteed results have gone out of business. The most established laser hair removal practices do not guarantee results, which means that it is possible that you could spend all of that money and not get the exact results that you want.

Speaking of money, you’re asking, “If I am an acceptable candidate for laser hair removal, how much will it cost if I decide to do it?” Well, each body area is different, of course, depending on size. Each session of the procedure usually runs around $500, but any area could take four, or even more sessions. Large areas, such as the entire leg(s), will cost considerably more and take longer to finish. It’s all common sense – if you just want your upper lip done, you will probably pay the minimum, as that is a small area. If you want to get both legs done, look to spend much more. If you want to get the area near your eyes done, forget it – this isn’t considered a safe area and doctors won’t do it, so get used to plucking those eyebrows!

And of course, before deciding on anything, a consultation with a reputable laser hair removal clinic is recommended. If a doctor is on the level, he/she will be honest about the cost, side-effects and candidacy issues for the procedure. Side effects of laser hair removal method are very rare and no visible irritation of the skin is seen for most people, but again, it is possible, so make sure you ask. And although this writer is a pessimist and looks for the bad points in everything, it should be remembered that when the day is over, laser hair removal of facial and body hair is safe, clean, simple and quicker than most hair removal methods and can be used on any part of the body except for the area directly adjacent to the eyes. If you whink you have the patience and money to do it and you hate shaving, go for it! Just remember, it’s your body – be careful with it.

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