The Verbose Chick

The verbose chick said verily,
I toss my verbiage out to you,
For I have no other venue,
Cosmic, Machiavellian, or otherwise!
I am on the verge of the vermilion viaduct!
My valid vestigial emotions kept in a verdant vessel;
So, I must versify, and you will know,
Albeit a vicarious knowledge!
I was in the vicinity,
When the versatile vibe for viaticus started.
Like so much venial venom or veracious vermin,
That could cost the valiant viceroy the very venture!
Then the very verisimilitude, had to validate, even valorize,
The viable, vibrant, verse
Containing the vestige of the vex.
And their valor was enough,
To help them vocalize the verdict,
Regarding the vertical vial,
So full of vernal valediction.
It was not the a matter,
Of the dactyl versus a vacant village,
But a village which did not want to vacate,
Or live on, vicariously!

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