There Are Benefits to Caffeine

We all have heard the downside of caffeine. When you are a lover of caffeine, you do not like to hear it. I mean what is there about the taste of a hot cup of coffee, a hot cup of green tea, a cup of cocoa and not to mention that delectable creamy chocolate candy bar that you can’t love? Now all of you caffeine lovers can rejoice. There is documented proof by researchers that not all caffeine is bad for us. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and read all about some of the benefits.

First, there is the improvement in our mental and physical performance. Many athletes now believe that a bit of coffee an hour or so before an event improves their performance. Some even believes that during a prolonged exercise event caffeine gives them a mental perk, increased focus and even refreshed motivation. Now how can this work when we have been led to believe that caffeine is a diuretic, which would effect hydration? Studies have been done to prove that no changes occur in body core temperature, sweat loss, urine or body hydration status during exercise following the ingestion of caffeine.

Researchers have also found that those who drinks 2 cups of coffee per day were 44 percent less likely to show evidence of liver damage compared to those who didn’t consume any caffeine. A Norwegian study proved that those who drank 3 cups of coffee and suffered from liver cirrhosis, may live longer.

Caffeine may also help aid in weight lost. We all know that caffeine is a key ingredient in most diet pills. Why? Caffeine breaks down fat which frees fatty acids and thus they can be burned.

How does caffeine work in the body? It first stimulates our central nervous system. Your heart rate will increase. Your pupils will dilate. Your muscles will tighten and glucose is released into your blood system. Now you are on a caffeine buzz. But that isn’t all that happens to your body. Dophamine levels are now increased. Dophamine activates the pleasure parts of our brain. This is why we feel pleasure as we drink that hot coffee and eat that creamy candy bar.

Of course, the key with caffeine is like anything else good, moderation. Researchers believe up to three cups of coffee (small cups) is not going to harm us. But when you are counting those cups, don’t forget the caffeine in our teas, colas, and chocolate.

Now if all of this doesn’t make you want a cup of coffee or a candy bar, listen to this. Some researchers have proven that in female rats, their sexual drive peaks after ingesting caffeine. No research has been done on humans, yet. But you may want to forgo that alcohol with your meal and give her a steamy cup of coffee, just in case.

Caffeine makes us feel alert. It gives us energy. And it makes us feel good. It is a feel good treat during times of stress. Therefore, go ahead and pour that coffee, while we caffeine lovers rejoice.

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