There’s an Alternative to Staying in Hotels, It’s Called a Hostel

Imagine if you will, sharing a room with your brothers and sisters.

Or having a sleepover with your friends, lots of them.

If you can imagine thse scenarios, then you get the idea of what it’s like staying at a hostel.

Staying in a hostel is like staying in a hotel, with a few twists.

You won’t find any maids to clean up after you everyday, nor will you find porters to bring your bags to your room.

You won’t even have a shuttlebus meet hyou at the airport, try someone, possibly the owner or someone who works at the hostel, meeting you at the bus or train station.

Most hostels are located near buses or train stations.

In some cases, you might find a”concierge”, sort of.

Most hosels have a travel information booth, especially in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Staying in a hostel gives new meaning to the term, “roughing it.”

In some cases, you’re supplied with a pillow, pillow cases, sheets, and a blanket.

Not to mention a locker or a closet in which to put your belongings.

But you supply your own toiletries, including soap, shampoo, washcloths, and in some cases, towels.

Every country in the world has hostels, even here in the United States.

I’ve even stayed at the two hostels in Las Vegas, the USA Hostel, located in downtown Las Vegas, and the aptly named Sin City Hostel, which is located a few blocks away on the Las Vegas Strip.

At one time, it was just young backpackers from overseas who stayed in hostels, niot anymore.

Old, young, single, families, anyone can stay at a hostel, and you really don’t have to have a membership card.

The only things you really need are a passport and proof that you’re travelling, say like a plane ticket.

You can’t stay in a hostel if you live in the area.

Speaking of staying, you might have a room to yourself, a dorm room with four, six, or eight beds for all men and women, or f you’re really liberated, you may be sharing a room with men and women.

It’s called a mixed dorm.

Hostels by and large aren’t in the swanky neighborhoods.

They could be in Chinatown or in the Central Business Disctrict.

In some cases, you need a credit card to make and hold your reservation, especially if it’s the summer or holiday season, and you stay at a popular destination.

Some hostels don’t take reservations, but in the age of the internent, it helps to email the hostel you plan to stay at.

By emailing them, you can let the manager know you’re coming and if they have room on the date of your arrival.

U.S. travellers are just now really discovering what the rest of the world has done for years-picking up that backpack and hitting hostels the world over.

You can even cook in hostels, as some of them have kitchen facilities.

Many hostels have free pancake breakfasts’ while others just provide you with coffee and tea.

Some hostels in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have restaurant-pubs located rght in the building where you can get some good, inexpensive meals.

To ask if you can get any sleep in a hostel, the answer is es, especially if you’ve just come off that 20 hour flight.

Hostels, do get noisy, especially on weekends, but it’s no more noisier there than it is at Thanksgiving Dinner with the relatives.

Staying in a hostel offers you something you can’t get a a regular hotel-a change to mix and mingle with your fellow travellers.

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