Things You Need to Know About Home Staging

Home staging has become an increasingly popular option in the real estate market. In a seller’s market, a skilled stager can increase the offer by several thousand dollars. In a slower market, the environment created by the stager can make the difference between an offer or an expired listing.

Home staging is more than cleaning or even careful furniture arrangements. A skilled stager will factor every influence to create the perfect blend to sell your house. Staging is what happens after you’ve made all minor repairs and decluttered your home as much as possible. Don’t consider calling a stager before this has occurred.

Home staging can be an expensive service, so it is important to choose a professional that can deliver changes that will greatly increase your home’s sale potential. Check to see if your stager is accredited and call the organization to verify that the member is in good standing.

Even if your stager is not accredited, he could still be a trained professional. Ask for references and a portfolio of work. Be sure to follow up by calling some of his former clients. Also ask basic questions about cost, consulting fees, and any guarantees offered.

The cost for home staging can vary greatly. Many stagers offer a consultation for a few hundred dollars, which includes recommendations from your home but no actual work done by the stager. As the amount of work required of the stager increases, so does the cost. Staging can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the staging needed and the size of your home.

Once you have chosen a stager, he will do an initial consultation. The consultation and subsequent contract should outline any responsibilities on the part of the homeowner as well as the stager. If should also state a specific timeline for the staging and any charges for subsequent visits.

Most stagers have accessories they will bring into your house to create an environment to increase sales. These items may vary from small pieces of furniture to flowers. The stager may also ask you to remove certain items from your house during the home staging. The other items in your house will be carefully arranged with the added objects.

Skilled home staging will draw attention to desirable elements in your home while minimizing noticeable flaws. The furniture will be carefully placed to make your house seem both spacious and inviting. Particular attention will be paid to the kitchen and bathrooms, two areas that buyers often examine carefully before making an offer.

Home staging can be particularly important for already vacant homes. Although this type of home staging is often the most expensive, most real estate agents will admit that staging can trim months off the time for your house to sell. This is because furnishings often help a buyer imagine himself living in the home.

If you think home staging might be for you, consult your real estate agent. After your home staging is complete, you may want to organize an open house while everything is new and fresh.

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