Things You Shouldn’t Do in Other People’s Houses

There are many ignorant and rude people who have no respect when entering someone’s house. Many people upon entering a home act as if it’ there own home and don’t seem to care what the person thinks to how they behave in such a rude manner. Of course all of these things are an exception to the rule depending on how close you are to the person or family in that house hold. This is just a generalization.

Never set one someone’s couch and put your feet up on the coffee table

Don’t use the bathroom to empty your bowels, especially if the bathroom is located next to the kitchen

Don’t use the pretty arm towels conveniently hanging by the toilet when you discover they don’t have any toilet paper

Offer to wash the dishes after you’ve been invited to dinner or offer to have the family pet lick them clean

Putting a plate of food on the floor for the dog to eat off of

Using the phone to make long distance calls

Jumping on someone else’s computer, especially with the intent to download large files or look at pornographic material

Taking a seat that someone else was sitting in

Trying to control the house hold because you think their rules suck

Farting and belching while at the dinner table

Leaving a mess around the house after doing something

Turning on the TV without permission

Rifling through the bill slot

Going through closets

Walking into the house with dirty shoes

Coming over with Body Odor

Digging through the fridge

Inviting yourself to dinner

Acting as if you live at the home

Jumping into conversations

Taken up space on the furniture

Walking into someone’s house without knocking

Taking over someone’s belongings

Commenting about there ugly new psychedelic furniture in a negative way

Pushing your beliefs on them

Cussing like a sailor

Reprimanding there children

Bringing your pet into the house as an extra visitor

Letting rover outside to relieve himself without permission

Inviting yourself into plans that the family has made

Rifling through there medicine cabinet and filling your purse with the contents

Borrowing money from the over stuffed piggy bank sitting in the living room

Bringing laundry with you to be washed because your washer is out of service

Kicking over lawn ornaments and fibbing and saying you tripped

Over staying your welcome

Ordering a large pizza and counting on one of the members of the household to pay for it

Yelling at someone from across the noisy room

Talking over someone’s TV show

Putting on there clothes without asking

Suggest that there house needs cleaned or that the walls need painted, and then offer to fix the problems for a hefty fee

Breaking something and then hiding it for the children to get blamed for it later

Blaming the family pet for the wet spot in the carpet

Antagonizing the children at the dinner table or anywhere else in the house

Telling family members that they look bad

Fondling there hundred thousand dollar vase

Arranging there furniture

Straighten out there pictures because your OCD is in over drive

Snooping through rooms in the house without permission

No matter what it may be never use the last of anything

No writing your name in the dust on the furniture

Don’t graffiti your name and when you where last there on there chipped walls

When you’re invited to there house don’t bring extra guest with you

Don’t help yourself to there cigarettes

Don’t burn holes in the furniture then flip there cushion over to hide it

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