Things to Do to Enjoy Autumn in the Northeast

Okay, I’ll admit it. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Other people can adore summer, or even spring. But I love autumn, when leaves are orange and yellow and red, when pumpkins sit happily on people’s porches, when you can go apple picking and when the air has a cold snap to it that reminds us that winter is coming in several months.

But let’s not worry about winter coming for just now. Now is the time to enjoy Autumn. There are quite a few things you can do to enjoy Autumn with your family and friends. Here are some ideas to get you started. If you live in the Northeast, you are sure to find many of these available in your community.

Idea #1 Oktoberfest/ Fall Festival
Many communities have celebrations held in the fall. Some call this Oktoberfest, others call this a Fall Festival. Usually it is an open air market with merchants selling goods outside and vendors offering food for purchase outside. Food usually has a fall-theme to it – apple cider, hot chocolate are popular items to find. Sometimes you can find things like chili or hot soup. A fall festival can be fun to attend with your family and friends and a great way to enjoy your community.

Idea#2 Apple or Pumpkin Picking
This is a fun thing to do, especially if you have little ones. Apple picking is easy to do, look for ripened apples on the tree and gently twist the stem and pull. Sometimes when apple picking you can wind up getting a little too enthusiastic about the picking part and can come home with more apples than you and your family can reasonably eat – this is a great time to share your bounty with friends and coworkers at the office. Fresh picked apples from a farm just taste different from the ones you get from a store. If you haven’t had them before, you are really in for a treat. They are delicious! Pumpkin picking can often be done at the same farm and many families do this around Halloween time.

Idea#3 Tag Sale Shopping
Autumn is a great time to go to tag sales. You can get great bargains and visit with your neighbors and friends in your community. Tag sales are a lot of fun, sometimes the best part about a tag sale is you just never quite know what treasures you will find at a tag sale – it is like a scavenger hunt in some ways! This is a great thing to do with friends and then go have lunch together.

Idea#4 Leaf Peeping
The autumn leaves turn color some time in mid September or October usually. When the trees are literally burning with color – this is the perfect time to go leaf peeping. Take a drive or a long walk where you can see a wide variety of trees. It is always nice to take a guest from out of the area to look at the leaves, because if you aren’t from the Northeast this is something that you really aren’t going to typically have a chance to see in most parts of the county.

Idea#5 Enjoy Autumn’s Bounty
Fall foods can be such a treat. Try to incorporate some of them into your routine – such as apple cider and pumpkin spiced muffins. Or make a big pot of soup and share it with your friends. Or make an apple pie or apple crumb cake. Look through your favorite recipe books or online to find some new fall recipes to try.

Idea#6 Celebrate Halloween
Halloween can be a fun holiday – take children trick or treating, make your children’s Halloween costumes this year, consider decorating the house in some way for the holiday. Do something special for Halloween.

Idea#7 Try A Craft For Fall
This is the perfect time to knit a sweater – because the weather is getting colder and you are just in time to wear it! Or make a fall themed wreath for your door. Or learn some fancy new tricks about carving the perfect Halloween pumpkin. You don’t have to take on something intricate and elaborate – just pick something that is fun and enjoyable for the fall season.

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