Thinking of Installing a Deck?

If you are looking for a great escape to an outdoor getaway, a deck makes a great getaway. An escape without really leaving your home, great for bar-b-que’s and a romantic night under the stars. Decks are a great addition to your home, earning a proud presence of beautifully decorated treat for the whole family.

Pressure-treated Wood
Most of the flooring on decks is made out of wood. Mostly pressure-treated wood, because of its long- lasting ability, most of the pressure treated used is Southern yellow pine. Yellow pine has grain patterns that are very detected, the initial green will wear off presenting a more gray color. The southern yellow pine comes in very many grades and is commonly found in the lumber dimensions of 5/4 in decking profiles. The chemical preservative is forced into the wood cells by pressure; this helps lack of decay and annoying termite damage.

Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar comes in different colors ranging from shades of light brown to tans, and also a salmon pink. If this wood is left untreated it will turn silvery gray and then to a very dark brown. This soft wood is very durable than other woods. It is resistant to decay, but does not do well in the weather. Western Red Cedar comes in the grades A, B, C and D.

Redwood comes in several different grades, which are considered when looking for appearance and quality. Redwood will change in the colors of red to a very dark red depending on where the wood comes from. Its graded Clear Heart, B-grade, Construction Heart, or Construction Common.

If you choose the clear heart grade than you will be getting a more durable grade of wood than the others because of its high resistance to decay. Redwood is most achieved through this grade of wood. Redwood, a soft wood, weathers to a yellow-reddish color very quickly.

Ipe or Imported Hardwoods
This kind of wood is extremely dense, and is also a tight-grained wood. Ipe’s wood colors change from a red-amber to a dark brown, also depending where you get the wood from. Typically they are dark brown, though. You will find no knots in this type of wood.

This imported, tropical style of wood is generally rated highly for lack of insect and decaying. They will turn a silver gray very fast, and they are very difficult to deal with when it comes to working with the wood. The wood needs to be pre-drilled before screwing and nailing or they will split. This type of wood is better enjoyed when a professional does the installation.

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