Three Coffee Grinder and Spice Mills for Under $30.00

The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning is a welcome greeting. That vital pick-me-up can be further enhanced with a simple device – a coffee grinder. With the simple press of a button, a serving of fresh, roasted coffee beans is ground to a fine powder, ready for brewing. The difference of taste and aroma can be extreme, delightfully awakening your senses to this new flavorful coffee experience.

Many coffee grinders also serve as a spice mill, rendering whole spices, grains, nuts and seeds to coarse particles and fine powders, depending upon your preference. For maximum freshness, flavor, and culinary perfection, the spice mill is an essential tool for any active kitchen.

Coffee grinders and spice mills are an inexpensive accessory for your kitchen, and many brands and styles can be found in nearly any home goods store, as well as a vast amount of internet shopping sites. Most coffee grinder/spice mills can be purchased for under $30.00.

The Krups GX4100 Electric Coffee, Herb, and Spice MIll is a one-stop solution for all your grinding purposes. Made of stylish stainless steel with black accents, the compact design fits easily on any shelf or kitchen counter without taking up valuable space.

Easily activated, the Krups GX4100 Electric Coffee, Herb, and Spice MIll can grind up to 3 ounces of coffee beans to fine grains within scant seconds, and can also be utilized to mince fresh herbs, chop nuts and grains, and grind whole spices. You can set the grinder to produce varying degrees of fineness. A safety lock lid protects your fingers from its stainless steel blades, and the unit breaks down easily for easy washing and cleaning of its components.

The Black & Decker CBG100S Coffee-Bean Grinder is similar in design and function to the Krups GX4100 Electric Coffee, Herb, and Spice MIll. Also with stainless steel and black accented contemporary design, the Black & Decker CBG100S Coffee-Bean Grinder features a see-through safety lid with level markings, and can process up to 2/3 cup of coffee beans at a time, yielding enough coffee grounds for about 8-10 cups. Ideal for nuts and spices as well, either coffee grinder and spice mill will suit your needs, and only a preference for brand name distinctly separates the two.

For multi-purpose kitchen accessories and convenience, you might consider the Deni 4200 Platinum Series Blend-n-Grind Blender. This unit serves two important functions – it converts easily and quickly from a coffee grinder/spice mill, to a blender. This versatility of the Deni 4200 Platinum Series Blend-n-Grind Blender enables you to quickly and efficiently blend any manner of drinks, soups, and more, as well as grind coffee, nuts and spices with a simple conversion.

The Deni 4200 Platinum Series Blend-n-Grind Blender is perfect for small kitchens and consumers who don’t want to stock their shelves with all manner of appliances. The size is rather compact, and the unit is sufficient for one or two servings at a time; for large capacity blending and/or grinding, larger units are recommended.

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