Three Pharmacies in Cortland, New York

At one point in their lives an individual needs to have medicine and many times that medicine needs to be filled at a pharmacy. If you live in the around the Cortland, New York area, there are quite a few pharmacies that fill prescriptions. Below is an overview of five popular pharmacies in the area.

(1) The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is located at 1099 State Route 222, otherwise known as Groton Avenue. It is conveniently located across the street from the popular Groton Avenue Plaza.

The Medicine Shoppe is a nationally known company with this location in Cortland. They have a special Generic Drug Savings Plan and work hard to fill your prescriptions in a timely matter. In addition to filling prescriptions, the Medicine Shoppe also carries a wide variety of first aid supplies and Supplements. The Cortland location of the Medicine Shoppe is open Mondays through Fridays from nine in the morning until six in the evenings and Saturdays from nine until one in the afternoon.

For more information, contact the Cortland location by calling (607) 756-4563. You may also obtain more information or order a prescription refill by visiting their online website at

(2) CVS Pharmacy is an extremely well known drug store that has a location in Cortland. Their location is at 13 Port Watson Street.

In addition to the CVS Pharmacy, they also serve sort of as a convince store. This location will carry items from food to stationery to magazines to beauty care products and just about everything in between. The hours of the CVS Pharmacy are Mondays through Fridays from nine until eight, Saturdays from nine until six, and Sundays from nine until five. The actual CVS store has different hours, that are open a little bit longer than the pharmacy.

I have personally shopped inside the CVS Store and used their Pharmacy services before. My overall view of the store was great. The staff at this location were very friendly; however, I found the store location to be a problem. This store is located on Port Watson Street and is between Church Street and Main Street, two of the most busy streets in Cortland. Depending on the time that you plan to go shopping or pick up a prescription, it can be very difficult to get in and out of the CVS parking lot.

To contact the Pharmacy at the Cortland CVS location, call (607) 753-3230. You may also obtain more information on the whole CVS company and their stores by visiting their website at

(3) Kinney Drugs is located at 14 Clinton Avenue in Cortland. Kinney Drugs is a local company that has over one hundred years of service in the Central New York area.

In addition to the pharmacy, Kinney Drugs carries a wide variety of other products. These items may include, but are not limited to, beauty products, food, seasonal merchandise, books, toys, and more. The pharmacy at Kinney Drugs has a wonderful reputation in the Cortland community. They will work hard to get your prescriptions to you as quickly as possible and provide you with valuable information pertaining to your medication.

To contact the pharmacy at Kinney Drugs in Cortland, call (607) 753-1591. Kinney Drugs has an online website at

(4 & 5) Eckerd Drugs is highly recommended and nationally known drugs store chain. In Cortland there are two Eckerd Drugs locations.

The first location was recently finished and opened in 2005. It is at 170 Port Watson Street. Both the pharmacy and the store are open Mondays through Fridays from nine until nine, Saturdays form nine until eight, and Sundays from nine until six. The Eckerd Drugs on Port Watson Street can be contacted by calling (607) 756-7591.

The second Eckerd Drugs location in Cortland is at 1067 State Route 222. This location is conveniently located at corner of Route 222 and Route 281 and each street has an entrance to the parking lot. The store and pharmacy are both open Mondays through Saturdays from eight thirty in the morning until nine at night and Sundays from nine until six. To contact the Route 222 location, call their store at (607) 753-3029.

Both Eckerd Drugs locations have a convenient drive thru pharmacy for pick up or prescription drop off. To view the general Eckerd website visit

Whether you are in need a having a prescription filled or just need general fist aid supplies, visit one of these five Cortland pharmacy locations today.

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