Three Places in Raleigh to Get Your Dialysis Needs Met

Most of us hope never to need to use a dialysis machine as part of our everyday life, but for many people this is not an option.

Dialysis is the process used to remove wastes and toxic substances from the blood. Though most often we think of it in relation to kidney failure, it is also used in some cases where a poison (toxin) has been ingested and needs to be removed.

In all its iterations, dialysis is a life saving and often a life enhancing process, without which many thousands would not survive.

Kidney failure that requires the use of dialysis has been increasing in recent years from about 200 per million Americans in the 1980 to over 300 per million at the turn of the century. This per a study by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center reported out in November 2005.

The report also noted that if you have a close relative who is experiencing a condition that requires dialysis, those of you who are closely related have a significantly higher risk of needing it in your lifetime.

If you need dialysis and live in North Raleigh, dialysis can be provided by:

Wake Nephrology Associates PA
(919) 876-7807
3604 Bush St
Raleigh, NC 27609

In many ways a dialysis is like an oil change, though I suspect those who have to undergo them would prefer to find another way to look at them. Like an oil change where the car manufacture will recommend a change at 5,000; 10,000; or 100,000 miles; your doctor (in the absence of direct contact with the real maker) will recommend a specific period of time between dialysis. This is going to be based on the best evidence of modern medicine, combined with what your personal experience has been with waste build up in the blood.

Just like a car, if we do not maintain a clean system (skip a treatment) we increase the risk to other parts of our internal engine. With regular dialysis most people with chronic conditions can live better lives. Except for the time the dialysis takes, most of their time can be engaged in everyday living.

If you should live near the city center you can find a location nearer downtown. On the eastern side of downtown you can have your dialysis treatment at:

Raleigh Dialysis
(919) 231-3929
23 Sunnybrook Rd Ste 125
Raleigh, NC 27610

Like the dialysis itself, whatever prescription medication and diet your physician recommends can make your condition less life threatening, more like a big nuisance.

Whether you currently have kidney failure or you are going through the process that could lead to kidney failure, you are likely to have your doctor suggest, perhaps forcefully, that your diet is modified to avoid the same foods and seasonings that diabetics and people with high blood pressure do. This is because high glucose and high blood pressure can be two of those nasty little side effects.

Though most of us hate the though of cutting back on our coffee and giving up our cream filled bear claws; overall following the doctors suggestions can lead to a longer and more engaged life.

(for those not familiar with bear claws these are like giant multi fingered donuts which usually are only totally glazed with sugar but can be filled similar to a jelly donut, a giant jelly donut)

Good behavior on our part can lead to a reduction in the need for drugs and more effective cleaning of the blood during dialysis. Thus a much more normal life.

For those living in the Western part of downtown or south of the city center, you can find treatment at:

Southwest Wake Dialysis
(919) 771-1022
320 Gideon Way
Raleigh, NC 27603

Thanks to the millions of diebetics and high blood presurre sufferers, manufacturers have created an increasing number of not too terrible foods and seasonings.

One of the best recent additions is call Splendor. Unlike the chemical sweeters, the rumor is that this is made from a sugar base. It works great for coffee, cocoa and most cooking. Most things that can be cooked with sugar, can be cooked with Splenda. It is not quite as sweet, but in things like apple pie it is difficult to tell the difference.

Just in case you would like to get your diet ideas from the real experts here are two sources:

American Association of Kidney Patients’ Nutrition Counter
American Kidney Fund

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