Three Traditional Thai Restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio

Here are three of the best Thai restaurants in the Cincinnati area. They are spread out so you should be somewhere near one of the great Thai restaurants anywhere you find yourself in Cincinnati.

Lemon Grass is a one of the most well kept secrets in Cincinnati. They are a very small and very good Thai restaurant located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Locals drive from miles around to dine in their elegant dining room and eat traditional Thai dishes served up at all heat levels. If you think you love heat be sure to consult with your server because some of their hottest can almost melt away your tongue! Cincinnati is a very traditional conservative city, so it is nice to see locals dine on something other than chili and hot dogs. Lemon Grass offers their guests a menu that is almost larger than their actual store. One of their most popular dishes is their aptly named dish called swimming angel. This dish can be served vegetarian style or meat based. Chicken or tofu is prepared along with broccoli and spinach and coated with a yummy peanut sauce. This is perfect with some sticky rice to make sure you don’t leave any of the peanut sauce on your plate. The back kitchen door to Lemon Grass opens onto the sidewalk and you can often get a view of the cooks as they prepare dishes as you are walking into the restaurant. It is very quaint and fitting of a Thai restaurant. Lemon Grass is located at 2666 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45208. This is about two miles north of Downtown. They offer a huge take out menu as well and can be reached at (513) 321-2882.

Ban Thai is located in the Eastgate suburb of Cincinnati. They are hidden away in an unassuming strip mall. Inside though you will find creamy white table clothes, friendly and attentive servers, and a menu that will have you stopping by the burbs more than normal. The menu is definitely the traditional Thai menu that you should expect to find America. The dishes do not offer much surprise, which can be good if you know what you want. One of their best dishes is the yum silver noodle. This dish is chicken and shrimp prepared with mushrooms, scallions, and tomatoes. It is served over bean thread. I have to say this is one of their more expertly prepared entrees. It is light and not over filling, perfect for someone with a smaller appetite. It is very refreshing to leave a restaurant not feeling weighed down by grease and overly large portions. Ban Thai is located at 792 Eastgate South Drive, Suite 300, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45245. This is about twenty minutes North of Downtown. You can call ahead for store hours and take out at (513) 752-3200.

Pacific Moon Caf�© is a large Thai restaurant in the heart of the Blue Ash neighborhood of Cincinnati. Blue Ash is about 8 miles North of Downtown, which makes it a little out of the way for visitors staying downtown, but it is well worth the trip if you have a little free time. They offer a menu full of expertly prepared dishes. My favorite dish is the steamed pike. Flaky, flavorful, and packed with as much heat as you think you can stand! The presentation is beautiful and almost like a work of art. Fresh vegetables accompany this healthy dish and leave you feeling full and energetic. Pacific Moon Caf�© is located at 8300 Market Place Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242. You can reach them at (513) 891-0091.

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