Thrift Shopping Tips

Thrift sales and shops can be overwhelming when you visit them. Here are my shopping tips on how to get through the thrift shop maze be and be less puzzled on how to get the best out of thrift and have fun.

First, be aware of mid-week sales, certain items on sale or reduced special items of the week at thrift stores. Buy clothes off-season. The crazier the purchase the better the bargain For example, a good winter coat may be on sale in the summer, which may seem like a strange purchase to make but the price will be so unbelievable that it won’t matter when it gets cold again. Sometimes shops get new shipments of items like linger
ie items that are slightly irregular at a frication of their regular cost.

To start off and move around easier don’t go wearing a lot of heavy clothes. Legging and tee shirts are best to wear so you easily try clothes over them

For any clothing items you choose dig to the bottom of the pile where clothes are often over looked.

Here’s my clothing inspecation list for pants, sweaters or skirts or blouses. Check clothes for holes on the inside or outside lining and look especailly carefully for pants and tops, also check around the armpit or neck area for shirts blouses, look for fades or frayed cuffs on the pants, see if the hems of the pants or skirt are falling ,watch out for missing shirt buttons and broken zippers, and finally stretch the clothing elastic to see if it is still good. If your eyes do see a minor tear ask yourself if you can sew cover the tear with a patch.

Examine closely the sizes of any clothes you buy because sizes were priced differently years ago. Bring a tape measure to check out the waist and length for accuracy. Also make sure you picked out adult sizes and not children sized clothing. Again double-check the label for an indication.

If you are shopping for shoes look at the shoes soles and look at their heels. Heels or soles are not expensive to replace if it a good quality shoe or boot. Faded shoes or shoe lining ripped inside of a boot is another story.

When you decide on the purchases remember the prices can sometimes be very flexible. Remember this final purchase advice. Buy in bulk and you can haggle for a better price.

These are some my tips for you get started for the hunt for the buried treasured bargain at a thrift store. If you have some patience who knows what gem you may get.

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