Through and Through

Adam sat with his grandpa on the porch overlooking the sunset afternoon. With the boy’s mind bubbled a question that he could not contain any longer. Knowing his grandpa was a pious man, who had lived out many years serving God, and going through hardships as well, he present his question.

“Was it ever hard for you growing up?
“You know the stories I’ve told you,” said the old man.
“What I really mean is how did you deal with all of it?”

The old man looked up to the sky and replied,

“Through and through.”

The boy did not understand the entire meaning behind this phrase, but before he could inquire of it, his grandpa explained the meaning.

“I had some rough times, be sure of that Adam, and good times too, yet never a time was I alone.”

“You had grandma, right,” said Adam.

“Yes,” replied the old man with a laugh, “but it wasn’t her I was speaking of. Through and through God was with me. In the hard times of life when my rent was due and the numbers in the account did add up-God was there; when food was scarce and I thought all was lost-God knew.”

“But you said that there were good times as well,” replied Adam.

Grandpa took a swig of his sweet tea, and gave his reply.

“Of course, but I dare say that it was of the roughest of times that I knew God was there. We have the tendency to take the path of least resistance, and we forget the one who made us and keeps us. I forgot him when all was going well. During the tough times we remember God and his goodness through and through. Relying on him is you best option.”

After the answer there was silence between the two until Adam asked one more question.

“Will be there even at the worst of times?”

“Through and through,” replied the old man, “Nothing is too great for God.”

As Adam grew up and when his grandpa died, he remembered those choice words. When trouble came, as it always does, the words of his grandpa resonated in his head and it always helped him.

Let through and through be a reminder to you to trust God and to remember Him not only in good times but when trouble arises.

Troubles will rise
But god is there
Temptation tries
But God still will care

Let our minds be on Him
In whatever we do
Never grow dim
God will be true

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