Tinnitus: Noise or Ringing Inside the Ears

Approximately 36 million Americans live with an uncomfortable distraction known as tinnitus. If unfamiliar with this term, tinnitus involves hearing noises or a ringing in one or both ears. This may consist of a low roar, whining, or clicking noise within the ear.

Even though tinnitus is a common condition, hearing a ringing in the ear is not normal. In fact, it can become very annoying – especially at night. Fortunately, after living with the condition for some time, most sufferers become accustomed to the ringing, which makes it easier to carry out daily activities.

Unfortunately, tinnitus can become worse as time progresses. Thus, noises or ringing in the ears may get louder. Among the 36 million afflicted, approximately 7 million are unable to lead normal lives.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Because ringing in the ears occur suddenly, it is difficult for doctors or patients to pinpoint the exact cause. A number of factors contribute to the noise. Listening to loud music may cause a low whine in the ears. Sometimes, the ringing is temporary. For example, after attending a music concert the ears may ring for a few hours following the event.

Also, common ear disorders are attributed to a ringing in the ear. This might include impacted earwax or an infection. In both cases, cleansing the ears or taking prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection can ease the ringing. Other conditions proven to cause tinnitus include anemia, Meniere’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid problems, tumor, or head and neck injury.

Coping with Tinnitus

In most cases, tinnitus is permanent. Therefore, sufferers must learn to live with the condition. If unable to ignore or tune out the ringing, individuals living with tinnitus may consider wearing a tinnitus masker. These tiny devices are similar to a hearing aid, and worn inside the ears. While wearing a tinnitus masker, sufferers will hear a soothing background sound which is intended to block out any roaring or whining noise.

Ways to Prevent Progression of Condition

Even if your doctor is unable to treat or relieve tinnitus, measures can be taken to decrease the chances of the condition worsening:

� Avoid Exposure to Loud Noises
� Improve Circulation through Exercise
� Get Enough Rest
� Stop Worrying
� Limit Salt and Caffeine Intake

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