Tips: Before and After You Install Boat Carpet

With summer in full force many are hitting the water while some are wanting to make their boat look better before they go. Check out these tips before you install boat carpet in your boat.

Before You Install Boat Carpet

Before you install boat carpet it is important to pick the right color, measure correctly and purchase the correct glue.

Color selection may not seem like a big deal but when you install boat carpet you do not want to find you made the wrong choice. If you install boat carpet that is a light color it will help keep the boat cooler but it will also show every stain that you get on it. It may be a better option to install boat carpet that is a darker color so that stains do not show as much and the carpet will appear cleaner.

It is also important to measure correctly before you install boat carpet. The carpet should all run in the same direction so take that into account when you measure your boat.

When you install boat carpet it pays to buy the correct glue. Because the boat will be used outside and on water it goes without saying that the glue you use to install the boat carpet should be an outdoor, and waterproof, glue.

Choose a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight to install boat carpet. The fumes from the glue will be strong and it is important to install boat carpet in as safe a manner as possible. The glue should also be installed on days when the temperature is below 90 degrees.

After You Install Boat Carpet

To help make your carpet last longer after you install boat carpet you should care for your carpet by not overusing cleaners and by investing in a cover.

When you clean your boat carpet you should use little to no soap. Soap is very hard to get out of carpet and will cause you to have to replace the carpet much sooner. It is best to use water or ask your floor care specialist how they would suggest cleaning your boat carpet.

The best way to keep your boat carpet from disintegrating within a few years is to invest in a boat cover. A boat cover will help keep the sun, water, and debris from damaging your boat carpet.

Use these tips when you go to install boat carpet in your boat this summer to help make the installation safer and to help your carpet last through several seasons.

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