Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

“Here comes the bride. Here comes the bride…” “Oh my gosh! That’s me!”
The wedding is steadily approaching and this time, believe it or not, you are the bride, the center of attention. All eyes will be on you for the better part of an hour. The guests will be talking, commenting on every fabulous detail. What will they say about your dress? Follow these tips and suggestions to be absolutely certain that guests are raving to their friends about the dress that you wore.

“Oh my goshâÂ?¦You should have seen her girlâÂ?¦she was WEARING that dress!”
If you want your guests to say something like this about your dress you should be sure that it fits correctly. When you are shopping for dresses be sure to ask about additional costs for having it altered. You should also ask if the boutique where you purchase the dress does the fittings or if you will need to find your own seamstress. Once you have chosen who will alter your dress you should make certain that you have plenty of time for multiple fittings. Do not wear make-up to the fittings as you could easily get it on the dress and be sure to bring along the shoes you will wear so that the dress is not too short when you are wearing heels. Whatever you do, the most important rule is never buy a dress that is too small hoping to loose weight before the wedding.

“That dress was perfect for her!”
To choose the perfect gown, you should spend several months shopping around. Look through bridal magazines, online and in every boutique you can find. Cut out or print pictures of gowns that you like or that have features that you like and take them with you when you go out shopping. If you are having your dress custom made, ask for references and to see pictures of gowns that the designer previously created. Even if you have a vision of perfection, try on several styles. Dresses look different on you than on a rack and the style that you adore may not adore you. Choose a gown that flatters your body; take friends who will be honest with you about the way a dress looks. Don’t take too many friends however, they will never all like the same one, and it will cause confusion and disarray.

“She was so graceful: Just perfect!”
Even when your gown fits perfectly, walking in a wedding dress can be a challenge. If you want your guests to comment on how graceful you were rather than snicker as you trip over your train, you will spend the time to practice walking not only in your wedding shoes, but in your wedding dress as well. To make walking easier, you should opt for comfortable pumps, flats, stacked heels or even slippers instead of the traditional high heels. After you have purchased the shoes, use sandpaper or a knife to create a rough sole to avoid slips. Maintain good posture to ensure that the dress and you look your best. If you don’t have a detachable train, make arrangements to have it pinned in some way before the reception so that you are not constantly pulling and tugging on it. Sometimes, brides will choose to go barefoot; comfort over style!

“How did she afford such a gorgeous gown?”
You will be able to fool your guests into thinking that you spent a fortune on your wedding dress even if you didn’t by paying close attention to detail. Even dresses that are bought used, can look fabulous with elegant beading and delicate lace. Shop around at resale shops the specialize in wedding gowns or look in the newspaper or online for used wedding gowns. Some wedding gowns for sale by a person may not be used at all. They may be new, but due to some circumstance they were either not able to wear the dress or they wedding was cancelled, whatever the reason, if your very lucky you might land the perfect dress for little money. The key to finding the perfect dress at the perfect price is shopping around. Don’t expect to find the deal of a lifetime on the dress of a lifetime on the first trip!

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