Tips for Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner

You’ve just moved in to your new apartment after your wonderful wedding day and no one thought to get you a vacuum cleaner for a wedding present. So, now for the first time in your life you are needing to go out and purchase a new vacuum cleaner. Which one do you choose. There are so many out there and they certainly aren’t meant to do the same job. Of course you know the difference between a Wet Vac and a regular upright vacuum cleaner meant to clean your carpet. But what about the different types of carpet vacuum cleaners and should you invest in the new Robotic vacuum cleaner?

As stated before the Wet vacuum cleaner should be used only for removing excess liquid, or construction messes such as dry wall. This might be a good gift for your husband who does a lot of work in his garage. As for the new high tech robotic gizmo, well, it doesn’t get the corners very well (because it’s round obviously) so it might be good to do a general cleaning in between vacuums. Other than that it is doesn’t do much good.

The Central vacuum is a lot more trouble than it is worth, priced at a minimum of $500 with a minimum instillation fee, the 30 foot hose can leave you all tied up with no where to go and no way to hold any tools.

That leaves four types left to consider in our vacuum cleaner comparisons: the upright, the hand, the canister and the stick. The hand vacuum is mainly for spot cleaning on short pile carpets, furniture, and bare floors. This would be a great one to keep in your car to clean up after spills after stops at your local fast food place. The stick vacuum is good for quick clean-ups on tile or wooden floors.

The two best vacuum cleaners to consider for your usual everyday carpets would be the upright vacuum and the canister vacuum . The upright vacuum cleaner is best for heavy duty cleaning of carpets. However, it is necessary to move the whole vacuum cleaner so it becomes very difficult to move on stairs and under furniture. The Canister Vacuum is best for these hard to get to areas.

So when you go out to purchase your next vacuum cleaner, be sure to get the best vacuum cleaner for the job that you need to do. The Wet Vacuum cleaner (often called a Wet Vac) to the garage. The Upright and Canister for the carpets and stairs. The stick and hand vacuums for light cleaning in various areas around the house and car.


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