Tips for Cleaning Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals get a lot of love during the day. Sticky hands hug the stuffed animals until dirt develops on the stuffed animals. Sticky kisses and getting dragged along the floor all add to the love that a stuffed animal goes through. All that love can make a stuffed animal dirty. A dirty stuffed animal can be loved but a clean one is even better so once every so often it is a good idea to clean stuffed animals.

Just sitting around the house can make a stuffed animal get dirty. As dust flies around the room it seems to be attracted to the fur of stuffed animals. As this dust accumulates the stuffed animal looks less clean.

If you have stuffed animals in your house realize that they need a bath occasionally. Stuffed animals are not good with water. If you wash a stuffed animal in water the water can mat the stuffed animals fur or the water will loosen some parts of the stuffed animal that have been glues on like eyes and noses. If you wash a stuffed animal in water it also takes a long time to dry. A dryer can damage a stuffed animal and if you let the stuffed animal air dry it takes so long that the stuffed animal may get moldy before it every dries.

You can wash a stuffed animal very easily with corn starch. Corn starch absorbs any oil that may accumulate on the stuffed animal and it knocks off dust that has accumulated on the stuffed animal.

You can clean a stuffed animal by simply rubbing corn starch into the fur of the stuffed animal. Concentrate on the dirtier areas on the stuffed animal with added corn starch. Brush the corn starch off of the stuffed animal or take a vacuum cleaner and suck off the corn starch.

If you have small stuffed animals you can put them in a paper or plastic bag and add some corn starch. Close the bag tightly and shake the bag with the stuffed animals and cornstarch in the bag. Let the corn starch settle before you open the bag. Take the stuffed animals out of the bag and dust them off or vacuum the corn starch off of the stuffed animal.

Make sure the stuffed animal is dry before you use the corn starch method of cleaning on them. If a wet spot is on the stuffed animal then it will be hard to get the corn starch off of the stuffed animal.

Cleaning a stuffed animal with corn starch is easy and fast. It is also economical since corn starch and a bag do not cost much.

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