Tips for How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

As the summer comes around again, it is about time to start preparing for the possibility of a hurricane. Hurricane season starts on June 1st, and runs thru the end of November. This article will give you some tips on how you can prepare before the big storm hits.

Once a hurricane decides that it wants to target your area, it normally is too late to finish all your hurricane preparations. Most people do not start to plan until a hurricane is knocking at their door. At a time of emergency when a hurricane is approaching, people start to realize that it is time to start getting the supplies together. As more people decide that this is the perfect time to get supplies, the suppliers start to run out of the most needed items. In the rest of this article, I will outline some of the most important things that a consumer will need to protect themselves.

The most basic necessity that you need during a hurricane is food and water. Experts say that you need at least a three day supply of food and water available to you during a hurricane. Experts suggest that you purchase non perishable foods and bottled water. Canned foods and ready to eat meals are just a few of the items that you may want to purchase. Also if you have an infant, make sure to put some formula that does not need to be refrigerated with your hurricane supplies. I would suggest purchasing at least 1 case of bottled water per person, if not more depending on your situation. In the days after a hurricane, a person can never be sure when they will be able to get more water and supplies due to damage, power outages, road blocks, etc.

Another key item that can be purchased well in advance of the storm is batteries. Batteries can run your small appliances in a time of power outage. Also, the batteries will be needed to run flashlights to help with seeing during the storm and at night. Batteries normally have a few years of shelf life, so if you start to slowly stock up during the year, it will not cost an arm and a leg when hurricane season comes around. Be sure to also have working flashlights.

Candles are also a major item that you would need during an emergency. Candles can create light for you to travel safely around your home, and can ever provide a small amount of heat if needed. While you are out purchasing candles also purchase some type of lighter or matches to light the candles. If you end up purchasing matches, be sure to keep them in a place where they will not get wet if something happened.

An item that is not a necessity during a hurricane but definitely a useful item is a weather radio. This gadget will be helpful especially after the main portion of the storm has passed. The weather radio is tied in the National Weather Services radio waves and can alert you when and if there is a strong storm or tornado in your area. These radios can save a life in an emergency.

Also, you may want to think about purchasing a container that you can store your important papers in. These papers could be your birth certificates, social security cards, savings bonds, car titles, insurance information, house title, etc. Place all the important papers in this container that you can not replace just in case something does happen to your home during an emergency. A person could also place these in a safety deposit box if available.

Another major element that most people do not think about until the storm is approaching is how you are going to protect your home. While I would not suggest going out and purchasing the plywood at the beginning of the season, unless of course you have ample room to store it, I would definitely suggest that you at least take measurements of your windows that you want to cover around your home. This task will save a lot of time during the approaching storm. You will be ahead of the game and at more of an advantage to get the plywood before supplies run out at the stores. Plywood is one of the first supplies that stores run out of when a storm is approaching.

While there are more things that you need to get ready before a hurricane, this article describes a few of these products. These basics will help you stay on top of the game when so many people are rushing around to get everything ready at the last minute. Hopefully this will make your hurricane preparation and season a little less stressful.

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