Tips for Keeping Kids Laundry Bins Fresh

It can be a real challenge to keep a kids laundry bin smelling fresh and clean. There are a lot of soiled and stained clothing that goes into laundry bins, especially if you have children. The tips and suggestions below will prove helpful to families with kids. You will be able to keep your kids room smelling fresh and clean, instead of having the odor of dirty laundry. There is nothing worse than, walking into a room and having the smell of dirty laundry hit you. With kids you get a lot of sweaty and smelling clothes that often sit in the laundry bin until it is laundry day. You can even have the kids pitch in to help out with cleaning the laundry bins and keeping them fresh.

The first tip is to clean and disinfect the laundry basket after removing the dirty clothes. When the dirty clothes are removed you can simply spray with disinfectant and use paper towels to wipe down. If you have a cloth laundry bin you can use a disinfectant spray. This will help your laundry bin to smell fresh, and disinfectant it at the same time. Another suggestion to keep your laundry bin clean and stain free is to use a large pillow case to line the laundry bin. You can put the pillow case in the bin, and drape the edges over so that it sits snuggly. It is similar to using a garbage bag in a garbage can. This will keep dirty clothes from staining your cloth laundry basket. Another suggestions on how you can keep your kids laundry bin fresh, is to put a fabric softener sheet into the bottom of the bin. This will help to keep the odor level down to a minimum.

If clothing is heavily soiled make sure that your children don’t leave them in the bin. Badly soiled items will need to be washed as soon as possible to make sure that the stain comes out. You can have a special laundry bins in your child’s room, just for this purpose. Make sure that the kids know this is for soiled clothing. You can check it once a day to see if anything needs to be immediately rinsed out. These are just a few ideas and suggestions that may prove helpful when it comes to keeping your kids room smelling fresh and clean. You will be surprised at how much odor dirty laundry can give off. Taking a few extra steps to keep it fresh and clean is well worth the effort.

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