Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Garbage Can Smelling Fresh

There is truly nothing worse than a smelly garbage can. No matter what many seem to do there always seems to be some type of odor or smell that comes from the can. Even when you empty it on a daily basis the smell seems to linger for some time. The tips below will help to keep the trash can smelling fresh and clean all day long.

1. The first idea is to put a small amount of pine litter into eh bottom of the garbage can. You can use the same kind which is used in the bottom of rabbit cages. You don’t need to pile it in the bottom of the can, you just need to pour in enough to slightly cover the bottom of the garbage can. This should be done after you have cleaned and wiped it out. You can then put the garbage ban in the can on top of the litter. The purpose of the litter is to absorb whatever may miss the bag or whatever food items may end up leaking out.

2. The next suggestion is to wrap garbage with strong odors in a smaller plastic bag before placing it in the can. If you have meat or eggs shells that you will be tossing out, wrapping them in a small plastic bag will keep the smell out of the can. It will also keep the smell from spreading all over the house.

3. Scrub your trash can down with antibacterial dish liquid every time you change the bag. To keep your garbage can fresh and germ free it needs to be clean. This means that you will need to wipe it down after you remove the garbage bag every night. A dot of dish liquid and a few wet paper towels is all you really need to wipe the garbage can down. Be sure to dry the can thoroughly before placing another garbage bag inside.

4. Get trash bags that are large enough for your can. One reason why so much food and garbage end up getting into the garbage can is because the bags are too small. The trash bag that you purchase should be large enough to hang over the outside of the can all the way around. This will ensure that nothing falls into the can and will help to keep the smell of trash out of the can. You should also make sure that your trash bags are thick and strong. This trash bags tend to rip very easily.

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