Tips for Keeping Your Washing Machine Dirt and Odor Free

Keeping your laundry smelling fresh and clean is a must, however; what if your washing machine has developed grime and foul odors? Many people take it upon themselves to clean their machines in their “own way“; however; there are certain precautions you must take in order to clean the machine right. Below I have listed the best ways to keep your washing machine odor and dirt free!

Cleaning Method 1: After you’ve finished washing your last load, remove your clothes from the washer and fill the machine back up with hot water. Once the water level has filled up, add in 1 cup of bleach and proceed to let the machine go into washing mode. Allow the washer cycle to run for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Cleaning Method 2: The first thing you have to do is fill the machine up with hot water. While the water is running, add in one gallon of white vinegar. Put the wash cycle on heavy load so that the water really splashes around the sides and the bottom of the barrel where all the dirt is.

Cleaning Method 3: This method will help get all of the dirt and rust from the bottom of your washer barrel and even grime around the sides. Start by filling the washer up with hot water; while the washer is filling up add in two cups of lemon juice. Proceed to let the washer run for about 15-20 minutes. To make sure it’s working; occasionally lift the washer lid to check the status.

Cleaning Method 4: If all of the other above method have failed, you can always take the “for sure” way cleaning the machine. Start by purchasing the product Affresh, this product is certain to break down all grime and even eliminate odors. To use this product start by filling the machine up with hot water before dropping the Affresh puck into the water. Run the machine on normal cycle until the puck has dissolved entirely. Affresh also comes with a “grit grabber” sponge that scraps away dirt. Use the “grit grabber” to scrub around the sides and bottom of the washer.

Cleaning Method 5 (Enamel on outside of washer): To clean the enamel on the outside of the washer simply take some hot water and mix it with a little baking soda. Take a cloth or sponge and scrub the enamel briskly. Try to stay away from using the “rough side” of the sponge as it may damage the enamel finish of your washer.

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