Tips for People Who Hate Hotel Stays

Spending a night at a hotel can be aggravating because of the lack of control over our environment. There are a few tips that you can take with you every time you stay in a hotel that will make it a little more bearable.

One of the biggest complaints about the room environment that people make is the fact that the air is dry. This is caused by a lack of humidity in the room.

About twenty minutes before you go to bed, turn the hot water on in the shower until you are ready to sleep. This will cause the bathroom to fill up with steam and increase the humidity in the room to a breathable level for the rest of the night.

If you are staying in a room where the air conditioning is not making the room cool enough, find an ice bucket. If you fill the ice bucket and place it by the air conditioning unit, your room will cool down faster.

If you are staying in a room that will not seem to warm up, find an iron. This will sound strange, but it works. Iron your bed a few minutes before you go to sleep. The warms mattress and sheets can hold their temperature for hours.

Another common problem is excess light coming in the room that is caused by drapes that will not fully close. Take a few Chip-Clips with you to close up the gaps in the window.

Many people have gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and bumped their head on a wall along the way. If you place a nightlight near the bathroom, you will have a better view of your surroundings.

Many business travelers worry about their wakeup call not coming at the requested time in the morning. A simple fix is to also set the alarm in your room. Another fix would be to ask for two wakeup calls that are ten minutes apart.

When you first check in to your room, try all of the electrical items in the room first. If there is something that is not working, call on it immediately. Nothing is more annoying then having to miss a show late at night because the TV doesn’t work.

Staying at a hotel does have a few disadvantages. When you first enter a room, no matter how beautiful or expensive it is, there will be issues. Being mindful of these tips will make your stay slightly more enjoyable.

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