Tips for Preventing Attic Condensation

Many homeowners are plagued with attic condensation. This occurs when warm and cold air meet and the result is water condensation usually on the underside of the roof. This can result in damage to the roof and rafters and if left unchecked can cause extensive damage. Here are 10 tips for preventing attic condensation.

Tip number one. Keep the air circulating in your attic with vents. All attics should have a venting system. Many older homes have none or they just have vents in the sides. This is not enough to keep air circulating. One easy way to add air circulation to your attic is to install soffit vents. These are holes cut under the eaves and usually are covered in vinyl. This allows air circulation when air enters in through the soffit vents and forces the air out of the upper side vents. If your attic has no ventilation at all, read on. There are more tips for preventing attic condensation.

Tip number two for preventing attic condensation is to install solar attic fans. While these are more expensive than traditional attic fans, they save money in the long run by using solar power and reducing your heating and cooling bills. You can buy one at your local home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot for between $100-$200. These fans are easy to install yourself if you have the correct tools. They install in between the rafters. These fans draw hot damp air out of the attic and allow fresh air to replace it. This will increase the airflow and reduce condensation in the attic and it will help keep your heating and cooling bills lower as your whole house will be more comfortable.

The third tip for reducing attic condensation is to be sure that there is proper insulation. An uninsulated attic will be a trap for moisture. R14 insulation should be installed. You can use whatever type of insulation you desire. Some people prefer standard roll insulation, others use blown in. No matter what type you choose be sure to install it according to the manufacturer’s directions. Insulating your attic is one way of preventing attic condensation and it will save you money on heating and cooling as well.

Installing foam vents in the attic is the fourth tip for preventing attic condensation. These foam inserts fit in between the rafters. Just slide them into place, you can staple them in if desired. Then you can insulate in between the rafters. These foam inserts will allow air to flow along the underside of the roof. This air will keep condensation at a minimum. It is a project you can do yourself and it requires minimal tools.

Tip number five for preventing attic condensation is to install a whole house fan. This will keep your attic cool and dry and it will pull all of the hot stale air out of your house and keep your home more comfortable. These fans install in the ceiling of the living space (attic floor) and they can be a DIY project or you can pay someone to do it if you are not handy. This is one of my favorite ways to prevent attic condensation.

Tip number six is to make sure that there are no leaks in your roof. Check the rafters and the underside of the roof to make sure there are no water stains. Be certain that all stacks and vents are sealed properly. While a leak is different from condensation if there is a place for water to get in, this will keep the air in the attic damp and it will cause condensation elsewhere.

The seventh tip for preventing attic condensation is to check your gutters and make sure that they are clean and working well. This includes downspouts. If water gets into the attic or if the underside of the roof is getting wet, then the air in the attic will be damp. Damp air leads to condensation.

Tip number eight is an easy step to take. Check any plumbing, including stacks, for condensation that can form along pipes. If you see condensation forming, wrap the pipes with insulation. This will keep the moisture from forming along the pipes and will keep your attic dryer. You can use pipe insulation that wraps around the pipe in tape form or you can use foam that fits over the pipes. Either type is fine and it is an easy DIY project that will take less than a day to complete even with a large home.

The ninth tip for preventing attic condensation is to check the air ducts for leaks. Seal any leaks in your ductwork. You can check for leaks yourself, or you can have it done professionally. This will not only keep condensation out of your attic, it will reduce your heating and cooling bills as well.

Finally, be sure that all of your bathroom fans, kitchen hoods, and dryers, vent to the outside of the house and not into the attic. Bathroom fans will bring hot wet air into the attic. The kitchen hood will bring dirt and grease into the attic and can cause a fire hazard. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and this should always be vented outdoors. Building codes usually require that all of these items vent to the outside of the structure and not into attics, basements or crawlspaces. For dryers, do not use those boxes that allow you to divert the warm air into the house. Diverting warm hot air into the attic will only cause problems. Vent to the outdoors always.

These are just a few tips for preventing attic condensation. If you use one or more of them, you will not only reduce condensation in the attic, you will save money on your heating and cooling bills too.

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