Tips for Protecting Your Home During Cold Weather

During winter weather all homes take a beating from the cold, snow, ice and more. There are things homeowners can do to protect their house from the effects of wintery weather. Allstate Insurance Company has created a list of things that can be done to a home, so it’s better able to handle the cold of the winter months.

Keep the temperature inside the house at 65 degrees or more. The reason for this is that it’s significantly colder inside the walls, where a home’s pipes are situated. A home that has its temperature less than 65 degrees may provide an opportunity for pipes to freeze.

In case a pipe does burst, it’s important to know where the house’s main water shutoff is located. Homeowners should be certain they know how to use it if necessary.

During winter months it’s best to open hot and cold water faucets enough to let them slowly drip. When water is moving inside pipes it will prevent freezing.

Homeowners should make certain all hoses are disconnected from the spigots located outside their house prior to winter weather arriving.

If a homeowner discovers pipes that are frozen, they should not wait for them to burst. Measures should be taken to safely thaw them, such as heating the pipe with a hairdryer and more. If this fails, the homeowner should immediately call a plumber for assistance.

If a home’s pipe’s burst, the homeowner should first turn off the water and then clean up any spills. Other steps should be taken to protect the property from further loss such as removing any carpet or furniture that can be damaged. A plumping professional should be called. Receipts should be saved concerning any repairs. Photographs should be taken of any items to share with your insurance company if a claim will be made.

Most homeowners’ policies cover damage resulting from a freeze.

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