Tips on How to Hide the Things People Really Notice About Your House

You’re sitting at home, relaxing for once and the telephone rings. Your family or a friend has decided they’re going to drop by but your house is a mess! I know this has happened to everyone at some time in their lives. You don’t have time to do dishes and clean the house before they get to your house. So, what do you do? Here are some tips.

First of all, you have piles of mail on your table from the past few days. Maybe you have some pens or pencils on there also. If you have a basket or a box, put them in a neat pile and stick them in there. Even if you have a drawer to stick them in so nobody will see them, slide them in there. Just don’t forget you put them in there, especially if they’re bills!

The next tip is for the messy bathroom. If your bathtub is dirty, close the shower curtain. If somebody opens your shower curtain to look in your bathtub, they have a problem! Take a wet washcloth and quickly do a fast wipe-down of the sink and back of the toilet. Take one of those blue drop-in cleaners and put it in the toilet and nobody will know if your toilet is not the cleanest. Do a quick cleaning on the mirror with some window cleaner and a paper towel.

If you spend one whole day doing laundry and you haven’t taken care of it yet because you are still doing it, quickly put it in the bedrooms. If you have to throw them on the bed and close the door until they leave, that will at least hide them. You can throw them in a basket and hide them also.

Finally, there’s the dishes. This one is probably the one most people have a problem with. If you have an empty dishwasher and a sink full of dishes, throw them in the dishwasher. They don’t have to be in there perfectly but you can fix it later. If you are really desperate, hide them in the oven. Don’t forget to take them out before you turn the oven on again!

If you do these few things, your house will look like you had it clean the whole time. We all know it’s hard to run around and get the house looking perfect before people surprise you by coming over. This way people won’t think you’re just being lazy and not cleaning your house.

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