Tips on Selling Your House- It’s More Than a for Sale Sign!

Thinking of selling your house? Getting your home ready to sell involves more than simply planting a ‘for sale’ sign on your lawn. There are some inexpensive interior and exterior tips that may be of great benefit in selling your house. Some people might advise you not to get too involved in minute details. However, if you are truly ready to sell, isn’t every effort worth it?

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing your home for a sale is making a favorable first impression on the potential buyer. Make sure the front of your home is clean and inviting. Keep the grass trimmed and the lawn clutter-free. Is the walkway to your front door swept and clear? One suggestion might be to take a photograph of the front of your house. Look carefully at the details of the picture, or ask a friend to check it for you. Many times we are able to see things in a photograph that we may miss in reality. Check the perimeter of the photograph for out of place items, such as that rake leaning against the fence or a garden hose that needs to be stored. Reducing the clutter will make your front lawn appear more welcoming and open, increasing your curb appeal to potential buyers.

Next, when selling your house remember that a potential buyer is viewing your home in terms of his or her own belongings. They immediately begin placing furniture in their minds, and if your rooms are too cluttered for their imagination to work with, you may be turning off a buyer prematurely. Make sure your rooms are free from clutter to give a more open and roomy atmosphere. Remember that one person’s treasures may be another’s clutter. Wall to wall furniture, excessive knick knacks, and overpowering wall decor can make a room seem cramped and small. Remove any unnecessary furniture, keeping only the basics in sight. Ensure that plenty of wall space is easily seen in each room, which will increase the visual appeal and make the room seem larger.

Cabinets, closets and counter space are important to potential home buyers. They most certainly will be opening your closet doors and cabinets, so be sure that these spaces are inviting as well. Store seasonal or unused clothing to free up closet space. Clear out top shelves and floor space in your closets, so that a buyer does not get the impression of inadequate storage space. Having wall space viewable around your belongings should increase the feel of roominess in your closet. Bathroom closets and cabinets should also be straightened, with bath linens neatly folded and arranged. Toiletries should be kept to a minimum and always neatly stored out of sight, such as in drawers or cabinets. Kitchen cabinets and counter-tops should be clean and uncluttered. Again, store any unused or unnecessary items to enhance the storage space. Refrain from any excessive clutter and remember, the potential buyers are placing their own decor in their minds.

Once your home is clean and uncluttered, make sure it is welcoming to visitors. Natural light will enhance the beauty of your rooms and create a homey atmosphere, so open up those blinds and draperies to let the sun shine. Keep the doors to your rooms open to appear inviting. If potential buyers will be visiting your house in the evenings, turn on lamps for a cozy feel. Close your eyes and give your rooms the “sniff test.” Are you smelling fresh and clean, or the delicious fish that you had for lunch? Air out the rooms, lighting candles to keep smells to a minimum. Launder musty bed coverings and curtains. Using a pine or citrus scented cleaner will give your home that refreshing aroma of clean. However, a word of caution regarding fragrance: be careful that your scents are not overpowering or excessive. Remember, less is more!

Selling your house can be an exciting and profitable endeavor. Using these few simple ideas, you can increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. Remember that a buyer is placing his own belongings in his mind, so be sure to give him ample room for his imagination to soar. Storing any unnecessary items (be ruthless!) will help decrease the cluttered atmosphere and create a more open feel to your rooms, actually making them seem larger. And don’t forget the “sniff test” to make your home feel inviting, fresh and clean. Plant that ‘For Sale’ sign with confidence!

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