Tips to Being an Awesome Stay-at-home Mom

Most people hold one job. They get up in the morning, get their coffee, slip into their work attire and head off to the workplace. For those of you who have this routine, consider yourself lucky. While working out of the home seems logical to me, I didn’t choose that route. It was a tough choice to make, opting out of having a regular job to stay home and raise kids. My job title is a simple one, although the job description is rather lengthy. What am I? I am a stay-at-home Mom.

Other clever job titles I have heard is: Domestic engineer, household CEO or Director of Child Development. No matter what you call it, I have to say, it is probably the most demanding job I have ever held. Here are just a few of the sub-jobs that go along with this demanding career and a few tips to help you out.

Personal Chef: I have the most pickiest clients. I have to prepare meals that cater to all the members of my household. I have found that make-your-own pizza night is favorite in my house. The kids love this! They get to get a little messy and get to personalize their meal.

Housekeeper: Cleaning up after little ones is one thing, but I also get to clean up after my husband as well. One trick I learned is to provide every room with laundry hamper and hide it away in the closet. It seems everybody gets undressed in their rooms and makes it easier to drop them in the basket provided rather than have them track down the basket elsewhere.

Judge Mom:
Just like lawyers, I have daily court appearances. It makes it a little harder having to deal with four and five year olds though. With this I say to be patient. Make sure you listen to both sides of the story and don’t just assume one child is automatically wrong.

Hair Stylist:
Just when you thought your hair is unmanageable, try to style a 3 year olds. It sticks up in all places. Finding rubberbands to use in that baby soft hair is harder than you think, but the little plastic stretchy bands are the best for little girls hair.

Personal Shopper:
I never thought shopping for others, instead of myself, would be so much fun. I enjoy getting out the house and shopping for my family. Now, it may not seem so fun considering the items aren’t for me, but I enjoy it. I say take advantage of these days. If you are able to leave the kids with someone, ou should. This will allow you some “me” time. Jam out on the stereo and call the girls for lunch while your out. Don’t be scared to leave the kids every once in a while. It’s ok. They will be ok.

Event Coordinator:
This is probably my favorite. It is also probably one of the hardest. You ever seen Bridezillas? Think of that, but with a child. When planning a party, remember to keep it simple. Don’t try to get in over your head. If you want to make it fun, let the kids help by making some of the decorations at home. This will take some of the stress off of you by having a few extra hands.

When my child is hurt, I hurt too. So I want to help by making them feel better. It always warms my heart to see that a simple kiss, hug and Band-Aid can make that boo-boo all better. Now here’s something you probably haven’t thought of. Remember that old wives’ tale that says to blow on the boo-boo? You probably want to think twice before you do that. You mouth is a sest pool of bacteria that you are blowing right into that boo-boo. Make sure you use antibacterial ointment with open wounds and they are securely covered to prevent infection.

These are just a few of the jobs that I do. I don’t sit on the couch all day eating bon-bons. There is barely enough time to use the bathroom, let alone lounge about. I have heard the old “nap when the baby does” suggestion. It’s a smart plan in theory, but there is a down side to this. The dishes don’t get done, the laundry won’t get sorted and the dinner won’t get started. My trick is to have the hubby take over the nightly routine and you get to bed early. Don’t cram the kids in his face the second he gets home though. Give him a chance to eat dinner and have him take over from there.

If you do get some time alone, take advantage it doesn’t happen to often. Here a few ideas to have a relaxing, stress-free moment.

Give yourself a foot massage: Break out that spa pedicure machine that has been sitting collecting dust for months and soak you feet. You wouldn’t believe how much better you will feel.
Meditate: Try some meditation to relieve some stress. Yoga is also great for helping to stress those tired muscles.
De-stress your face: Give yourself a facial with some items that can be found in your kitchen cabinet. Use olive oil and brown sugar mixed together for a face scrub that will leave your skin feeling so soft.
Sit down: Grab a spot on the couch and prop up those feet. Read your favorite magazine or take a nap.

Even though I don’t have a lot of free time, this is positively the perfect job for me!
So you see? My job is demanding. Think about this. I do all this and more without vacations, sick days or raises. It’s ok that I don’t get monetarily paid for this job. The only pay that is required is hugs, kisses and a simply “I love you”!

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