Tips to Install a Pull-out Cutting Board

Are you running out of counter space in your kitchen? This article will provide you with all the tips and information you’ll need to successfully install a pull-out cutting board in your kitchen!

Measure This

The first thing you’re going to do is measure the drawer that you wish to replace with a pull-out cutting board. You’ll need this so you know how big to make your pull-out cutting board. Once you have measured, go ahead and make the cuts on your plywood that will be used for your pull-out cutting board.


Most of the original aspects of the drawer can be used when making your pull-out cutting board, such as the drawer front, complete with handle so you don’t have to worry about anything not matching. Also, the track that the original drawer was set in can be used so that your pull-out cutting board will be that much simpler to make!


You’ll probably want to stain your plywood before you install it, so it doesn’t look like plywood. You can choose which ever finish you prefer to best match your kitchen. Also, wood putty is a great way to fill in any screw holes that may have been left. Remember to clean away all dust and debris before you stain.


The next tip to install a pull-out cutting board is to use hinges and magnets so you can fit more cutting board in the drawer! The magnets also help ensure that you won’t scuff or scrape the stain or paint, whichever you choose to do, off, but holding the pull-out cutting board in place. The hinges will allow the pull-out cutting board to fold up so that you can fit more cutting board in. Simply pull it out, unfold the cutting board and there you have it.

And just like that you have a nice large extension to your counter space in a pull-out cutting board. Throw out those old used up large cutting boards and start conserving your limited counter space today and install a pull-out cutting board in your kitchen drawer. Use it to chop veggies, dice fruit, or even use it as a quarantine area to keep it away from yucky meat juices or other potential contaminating materials.

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